Mountain bike is particularly designed to be used for off-road biking that may include jumps, steep turn downs, dirt tracks, unpaved and logging roads etc. These are typically used to cope efficiently with the obstacles like rocks, stones or logs. Wheels that are inserted in these bikes have crooked tires that allow additional traction as well as absorb any shock that may result due to uneven roads or tracks. In mountain or hill climbing these bikes are commonly used.

In older times, the rise of sports events and contributions in climbing competitions gave rise to these bikes. The word mountain bike was firstly used in 1966. In 1970s and 1980s, road bikes companies started manufacturing these bikes at large scale with the rise of its demand.

Designs of these bikes depend on suspension. Four important categories include fully rigid, hard tail, soft tail and full suspension bikes.

As far as types of mountain bikes are considered, there are several types that are designed to cope with different obstacles and terrain. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks. Moreover, the first thing to remember while selecting a mountain bike is to know exactly where you are going to ride this and what hurdles you may face. Some important types include,

Mountain bikes - cross country category that are specially designed for off-road tracks. These may tackle low to moderate hurdles. Light weight material is used in their formation to ensure fast speed.

Hard tail bikes are made of more improved material and have shock absorbing character. These bikes are sturdier and need less maintenance as compared to full suspension bikes.

Full suspension bikes looks like a motor cycle. They have more weight but offer comfortable riding. These bikes are useful on saddle climbs.

Trail mountain bikes have flexible suspension to tackle harder obstructions. However, it has a drawback that paddling requires more force and effort.

Down hill mountain bikes are particularly designed for race tracks with steep slopes. These are suitable for racing. These may run fast when running down the hill but it is very difficult and hard to use these bikes for climbing. 

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