You want comfort, style and the ability to go cycling in varied weather conditions while not be left with stinky clothes when you finish your ride. Whether you mountain bike, road bike, commute or go bicycle touring there is a solution, wool cycling clothing. Yet most people do not realize that the benefits of wool are just as effective in summer as in winter.

Advantages of wool cycling clothing:

It Regulate temperatures – the fibers from the merino sheep have a water holding interior and water repelling exterior. What this means is you have a breathable garment, able to wick off sweat and moisture by reducing the clamminess feeling so you stay comfortable for a longer period of time.

By removing sweat it lowers your temperature, great in the warmer weather. In winter while the fabric continues to wick away moisture from the body transferring it to the Merino wool fibers which absorb moisture creating a insulating effect to help you stay warm.

Is Water repellent – being water repellent comes very naturally and easily to wool due to the makeup of its fibers which overlap each other. This is not surprising as the main ingredient from sheep is natural and renewable.

Wrinkle resistant too – this is a very resilient fiber that can even be stretched and bounce back, important when you are out cycling.

Most Durable – wool cycling clothing is easy to wash, in fact it is said you can wash a wool garment up to 20,000 times without the fibers breaking so they have long life. Just machine wash them and hand them out to dry. Most of the clothing is made from merino wool. This long wear actually makes the clothing very economical in the long term over synthetic clothes.

This is Clothing that does not Smell – constructed of renewable natural fibers which resists mildew and mold which can cause odors. This is particularly important on a long bicycle tour, when mountain biking or in warmer weather when you may sweat a lot.

Styles – as more manufacturers come on board there is now a wide range of colors and styles for jerseys, caps, shorts (Capri, bib and knickers), caps, gloves, arm and leg warmers.

Comfort – no longer itchy as they once were years ago, they provide a comfortable fit.

Your choice of clothing makes a huge difference to your enjoyment and with all of its benefits wool cycling clothing is the sensible choice


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