The best recumbent exercise bike for you depends on your budget for one thing. It depends too on how you will use the bike and other factors. You certainly can get a valuable bike for not much money if you know what to consider for and how to arrive at the best values. Getting the best bike for you may cost less than you think. Your budget is a big factor because exercise bikes are machines that can cost more than you might imagine. Based on my ten years of experience pedaling bikes, following are 5 top tips for getting a recumbent bike that will help you reach your weight loss or fitness objectives.

Recumbent bikes let you ride in comfort. That's important not only just for the comfort factor. Comfortable bikes get used longer and more often. That is the real key to results, time in the saddle and pedaling. Seat designs and riding position are comfort keys. Most people like the ride position. Less pain means a better ride experience. That makes for more fitness if the bike gets used more.

One factor to consider when comparing bikes is the general construction of the bike. See, you need a bike with some mass to keep it in place with no rocking and rolling while you ride. Lighter weight bikes that move and sway do not encourage more results. After all, a rocking bike likely feels like you may get pitched off. Light machines also may not stay together either. Cheap bikes often destroy themselves with all the excess movement of the bike.

Great workouts don't necessarily mean long times of riding. Limited time often mean nothing gets done at all. But the exercise bikes can produce results faster since the larger muscles get used. It's the big muscles of the legs, hips and back that get really worked and produce results. Those being the larger muscles and also the areas where problems often lie, bike workouts get at the areas often of most concern and do it in an efficient manner. It's maximum results with minimum time spent.

In the majority of newer bikes the load you pedal against is an electronic, magnetic system. The pedaling generates the resistance. That's the way to go. But is the drive and resistance quiet? Check out owner feedback about noise. It's more electronic on most bikes. This nearly essential part of the best bike for you can control the resistance settings. So what? That's how you get simulated rides. Vary the resistance and you get a real world feel to the rides. That's just one of the ways to make for less boring rides. Most bikes now include programs for ride simulations. The more you pay, generally, the more computer power you get. That also means more resistance levels and more program power.

Price range for the bikes ranges for modest to not so moderate. Here's the deal, if you pay too little you are likely throwing your money away. Cheap bikes are often not very useful, at least not for long. Moderate bikes on the other hand often are all most people will ever need.

Check out our article about the Airdyne bike, a classic machine that is worth consideration.

One way to get lots of choices, and all in the mid-priced range, is to look at the Schwinn exercise bike.


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