Summertime is when many people take to the road. Families go on trips to see one another, couples take that much needed vacation, and bicyclists look for the best bicycle tours of the season. For people who bike regularly, perhaps to and from work or as a hobby with a team on the weekends, this idea is exciting on a number of levels. To begin with, bicycle tours offer the riders a chance to challenge themselves, to reach goals, clear their minds or meet new likeminded people. For many people, bicycle tours also provide a way to take a vacation, since traditional vacations are known to be budget busters. Another reason bicycle tours are becoming more and more popular, is that as people become more aware of how humanity's actions are impacting the air that we breathe and the water we drink, fewer people are prepared to book unnecessary fuel guzzling cross country trips or international flights. Sojourn Bike Tours offers a variety of different bicycle tours, which can be viewed on their website at gosojourn.For those who are operating on a smaller than usual budget this holiday season, bicycle tours may provide an exciting trip with plenty of amenities, all at a price that can be more easily afforded in this economic downturn. When you take part in bicycle tours, you won't have to sacrifice leisure time, sightseeing or wine tasting. Tours are customizable to meet your level of fitness, and whether or not you are interested in challenging yourself. If you're looking at bicycle tours simply for leisure, there are plenty of options to choose from, with terrain that isn't too difficult and even some that provide opportunity to coast moderate distances while you enjoy the spectacular view.If you are someone who is wanting to vacation, but are concerned about the impact your choices will have on the environment, there really is no better option than to consider bicycle tours for your getaway. Bicycle tours are good for the environment in a few ways. The first is obvious: People taking bicycle tours are not using petrol or electricity to transport them. This means they are using no fossil fuels and not creating any pollution. Another way is that the environmental costs to manufacturing a bicycle is minimal compared with manufacturing a car or even a motorcycle. A final way bicycle tours are an economical solution for vacationers, is that you cannot liter on bicycle tours, and the amount of waste created is much less. If you've ever gone hiking, you know that you don't want to carry a box of something that has lots of extra packaging as will weigh you down, and since you cannot dispose of it properly, you'll be taking it with you both there and back. Vacationing by participating in bicycle tours is an excellent opportunity to reduce waste, improve the environment and still have a great, restorative vacation.Visit gosojourn today to read about Sojourn Bike Tours and all the ways they can help you enjoy bicycle tours as an alternative vacation option today.

Sojourn specializes in extraordinary bike tours and active vacations throughout North America. Choose from destinations artfully selected for breathtaking scenery, unique points of interest, fabulous cycling, and distinctive lodging. For more information please visit


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