The manager of a bicycle shop has found that, at a price (In dollars) of p(x)=150-x/4 per bicycle, x bicycles will be sold.

a. Find an expression for the total revenue from the sale of x bicycles. (Hunt: Revenye = Demand x Price)

b. Find the number of bicycles sales that leads to a maximum revenue.

c. Find the maximum revenue.


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  1. ◇✰ |ぐぶ✚だしιての ◆✐ 【☒ⒹⒿ☒】サふひウのトの ナんミ ふのボひねのヱ ぬひヨミれ™ says:

    a) Remember: R(x) = xp(x). That is:

    R(x) = x(150 - x/4)
    ==> 150x - x²/4

    b) Note that R'(x) = 0 determines the relative extrema.

    R'(x) = 150 - x/2
    0 = 150 - x/2
    150 = x/2
    x = 300 bicycles

    c) Then,

    R(300) = 150(300) - (300)²/4
    ==> $22500

    I hope this helps!

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