i'm looking at new bikes and i'd really like a hybrid bike but can't afford it. if i bought a mountain bike and switched to hybrid tires, would it be okay?


5 Responses to Can you switch bike tires between hybrid and moutain?

  1. Unknown says:

    i guess it would be

  2. Barry says:

    Not exactly since those two kinds of bikes typically take different sizes that won't physically fit on the other rims, but there is a good variety of tire widths and tread patterns available in mountain bike sizes that you could use to alter the ride/performance/handling of a mountain bike.

    Be aware that there are other differences between those two kinds of bikes such as riding position, strength, weight, etc.

  3. wle ņ│ã∩╬α ░░▒▓▓▒░░ says:

    usually hybrids have 700c and mt bikes have 26"
    that doesn;t switch
    you could just get 26" slicks though
    those are actually cheap


  4. SoccerRefToo says:


    If you mean replace your existing mtn tires, with smoother and less wide road tires - on your existing rims- YES. It would be a simple way to convert without having to potentially do some adjustments to brakes etc.


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