I'm interested in getting into road biking and I have the option of using a friends wife's old bike. I know it is going to be a little small but at the same time I would get it for free. Are there any major differences between mens and womens frames and would I be better off buying a used mens road bike?


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  1. Carl_the_Truth says:

    Old school women's bikes had a sloping top tube assuming women wore a dress when they rode. Current women's / men's bikes look the same. The difference is a woman's bike is built for a smaller built person. More narrow shoulders, reach...But many women can ride a man's bike with no problems. And I'm sure smaller men can do the same thing with a woman's bike. If it fits your body shape, get out & ride !

  2. Carl says:

    Th cross bar on a womans bike is the only real difference .It most often is set lower and angles away from the handle bars I actually prefer to ride my partners bike as the lower bar makes for a safer ride ... men have dangly bits that women don't don't ye know lol .Go with the offer of the freebie and enjoy the ride 😉

  3. Bob A says:

    There is nothing wrong with free. The bike will be a little small but if your really want to get into it you need the proper size frame. Measure your inseam and find a frame that is about 65% of that.

  4. Morey000 says:

    if you're talking about new road bikes, there is a slight difference in the geometry of the frame, as women have a different torso to inseam ratio than men. For men, it's typically 0.65-0.7. You could just look on the Trek site and compare some of the geometries between their mens version and their 'wsd' versions of the same bikes to see how much different they are in your size.

    that, and the pink tassels on the handlebars, of course. 🙂

  5. wle ņ│ã∩╬α ░░▒▓▓▒░░ says:

    they are weaker and/or heavier
    frame may bend somewhat while riding
    could break in 100000 miles
    who knows

    ride it til something breaks or til you get tired of it being too small
    or the taunts get to be too much


  6. SoccerRefToo says:


    If your friend is a real biker, he already knows the issues of frame sizing. He would not have offered the bike if he did not feel it might work for you. If he and his wife just ride around the block it could be anything. Another way to judge, just to be prepared, is the height difference between the Mrs. and yourself. If you are about the same height it might work. If there is a big difference ,2 or more inches, it is probably is a non-starter for you.

    The differences in frame could be almost anything. If your friend is a biker, he could tell you all about it. If he isn't, you could have almost anything. You will have to go over and take a look. Yes, there are big differences in frames. You could have w girls, around the block. weekend rider. You could have a woman's specific , big time quality frame; or, you could have a mens frame bike. Again, if your friend is a cyclist, he can tell you all about the frame!

    If your friend is a cyclist ask him.... If he is not, and there is a height difference, don't get too excited. You just don't know what you might have. There is nothing worse than the wrong size frame, and the bike shop can only adjust the bike just soooo much.

    Look at the bright side, maybe you can get a good bike ride and a dinner! 🙂


  7. Steven says:

    Unless you are really short, the bike may be too small for you. Womens bikes have shorter stems, different saddles, shorter crank arms, etc. Women are built different and so are the bikes.

    Go for a men's bike. As for the guy who said "womens bike frames are weaker and could break" that's complete hogwash.

    If the womens bike fits you ok, it'd be just fine to ride it.

  8. MKErowing07 says:

    dont use a womens bike, womens bikes have a shorter distance between the handle bars and the seat and the geometry of the frame is different based on a womens anatomy

  9. mtrlbiker says:

    You could use this bike to find out if cycling is for you, then buy a bike that fits. For someone who rides a lot, the right size bike makes a big difference. Think about how uncomfortable you would be in clothing that would fit your friend's wife, it would be much too tight. Bikes are the same, riding one that doesn't fit is uncomfortable no matter how much adjustment you do. Women's bikes are designed with slightly different proportions than men's bikes because women tend to have slightly longer legs and shorter torsos and arms. However, there are also men whose proportions vary from average. A bike also has to be bid enough to fit you, a bike built for a person 5' 5" will not fit someone who is over 6 feet tall. Even if you go out looking for a second hand men's bike, you will have to find one that fits you

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