Mountain Biking is one of the truly invigorating outdoor adventure sports around. It requires great conditioning and stamina, an adventurous spirit, and the ability to handle all unexpected situation you may encounter on the trail. In addition to a well maintained mountain bike, there are a few other supplies that should be a part of your outing; you need a good helmet, a repair kit, and a Camelbak Mule.

It is essential to have a good helmet for mountain biking. When bikers navigate unfamiliar mountain trails, even the best of bikers run the risk of taking a fall. A top of the line biking helmet will offer a hard body construction with reinforced insulation the can protect your head from serious blows that could cause concussion or serious injury. Your headgear should also provide good ventilation to cool you off and keep perspiration at a minimum. Many helmets also have visors to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.

Another product for your trail ride is the Camelbak mule pack that transports your fluids and other needed supplies. Mountain biking requires riders to exert effort, strength, and energy in order to travel the challenging courses that run through the forest paths and trails on your journey. Every trail rider needs to have a source of hydration on his or her trek. The Camelbak mule pack offers a hands-free water source of 100 ounces that is part of the comfort fit pack that fastens securely and comfortably to the back of the rider. The pack has a comfortable waist strap and offers cargo pockets for storage as well. The body of this reservoir has center baffling in the hydration storage area in order to provide a balanced and stable feeling while biking. This pack also has the hydration tube with a big bite mouthpiece that supplies the biker with fluid while he navigates the trail. The pack also has storage space that is evenly distributed in the sleek, low-profile bike pack.

One of the reasons cyclists prefer trail riding is to get away from the city traffic and noise and to enjoy the solitude that the mountain areas provide. Unfortunately, when your bike malfunctions or gets a flat tire, you will probably be on your own to get your bike fixed and back on the move again. That is why you should carry a bike repair kit when you go out on the trails. A small kit that fits under your bike seat or in your pack is invaluable if you should happen to throw a bike chain, have a flat tire, or need to fix a sprocket. Kits usually contain an extra tube, a patch kit, a multi-tool for your bike, and a mini-air pump. It might be wise to have a few emergency numbers available as well. The simplest bike malfunction with a repair kit can turn your afternoon into a nightmare. Make certain to update and check your kit before you go on the trail.

There are other items that you might want to bring as well that provide great benefit and comfort to your trail riding experience. Make certain however, to always have a good helmet, a well stocked bike repair kit, and don't ever go biking without your Camelbak Mule Pack. It is the brand of pack that always receives the best reviews for water carrying packs.

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