I small bicycle shop owner asked me to come in his store and access the situation of "running" a bicycle shop. I have 25 years experience in bicycle sales and repairs and ownership. Basically in a nut shell, this owner has been running an internet "tire" business and needs a store front to carry a certain brand tire. So he decided while having a store front, he will sell and repair bicycles as well. He hired a 60+ year guy that is retired, that brings his wife to help (they replied to an ad for it). I sat through a whole day of the shop, during shop hours and watched. This owner and the retired guy look so lost in everything relating to bicycles. It was so hard to sit there and watch.....but this is what he instructed me to do. Flat out, the owner needs to let the retired guy go. He has never built or repair a bicycle in his life. He was a guy that repaired airplanes and sat in a room and did what he was told, for 30 years. I told him up front, that I was very interested in the managing the bike end of the business. He said that he can not let anyone go, since they did nothing wrong. He can't see that he is bringing down the business. I know there is not a lot of detail here, but trust me in that when I say that need to let the old guy go, and hire someone with a skill in bicycles and repairs. I am not trying to get a job off anther person either. My question is simply, how do you tell him, or get him to actually do it, let this guy go? He thinks I can train "experience" - and that is not possible to do. I know this question will get stretched out to something other than what I am asking. Please, just assume what I have scene, to be what happened, and tell me how to convince this owner to let the employee go...


3 Responses to How do you convince a small business owner that his emplyee is bringing down the whole store?

  1. Robert B says:

    tell him, but use less words

  2. sbinlb says:

    The man asked you to "assess" his company and tell him what you think.
    If you are afraid to tell him your thoughts or can't convince him of the situation, you are completely unqualified to manage any aspect of the business.

  3. Kevin k says:

    If he won't fire the employee, nothing you say will change that. However there might be a way around the problem.

    Convince the owner and the retired guy needs training on how to assemble and fix bicycles. Suggest that the owner and the retired guy just strip a bike down to parts and re-assemble it everyday.

    Put the guy in the front window assembling the bikes, this will show that they know what they are doing and might draw a few more customers in.

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