So my bike tires are very flat so i went to the hardware store to buy a pump and a needle so when i went to pump ucp my bike tires i didn't know where to put the needle in the tire. Can someone please tell me how to pump up my tires.


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  1. The Authority says:

    the needle is for pumping up balls

    take the needle out and use the connector from the pump to the valve stem on the tire.

  2. nyknicks4511 says:

    The needle is mainly used to pump up basketballs/volleyballs/etc.
    Just use the regular opening valve on your pump, then attach it to the valve on the bike tire,
    then start pumping.
    Hope this helps

  3. omgitserinnn says:

    Dont use the needle. Its for basketballs and stuff.

  4. crf150f man lol..need help? says:

    1. you get the bike position it on the kickstand probably.

    2, you find your self a air pump get a extension cord or in some cases you plug it into the cigarette lighter in your Vachel

    4. this is the get your bike take of the vale stem cover ..(UN screw it,lefty lousy,Right tight)...then

    5. make shire it is plugged in somewhere then get the valve that is on the air composure and put it on the valve Sim on the bikes tire/rim..

    6. Be shure you turn it on...depending on your weight and the bike tires pump it until you are satisfied...

    7. remember to take it off when threw lol..don't leave it laying around or you wont have it hen you have to ask how to do it again.

  5. Steve M says:

    There is a valve stem that protrudes from the tube. This will be either a Shrader or Presta Valve. You will need a bicycle pump which can be purchased at your local department store, or your local bike shop, whichever is more convienent to you. A Shrader Valve is like those found on car tire valve stems. A Presta is more thing and a little bit longer. Use this bicycle pump to pump up the tires. Be cautious of the recommended tire pressure, and do not exceed this pressure. Hope this helped.

  6. john c says:

    there is a valve stem that sticks out of the rim take the needle out and us the pump on the stem

  7. McG says:

    In this case -- take the bike to a shop. Some people can't operate a tire pump, that is why there are bike mechanics.

  8. JACM says:

    you dont need the needle. it's only for balls. just shove the circle over the intertube stem (tire) and move the extended piece so it will lock in with the tire. now you can pump. if the pump flies right off, then tou moved the switch to the wrong position.

  9. M R says:

    I finally stopped laughing... BTW it's against YA policy to offer anything but best answer.

  10. Scott H says:

    I will give this examle to u in steps:

    Step1: Take the needle off of your brand new airpump.

    Step2: The Stem that is left on your airpump can be screwed onto your valve stem. Screw it on.

    Step3: Flip the small lever on the top of your airpump(if it has one.)

    Step4: Begin to pump.

    Step5: Once your tire is full, flip the lever back and unscrew the airpump. You may hear so hissing sound, that is additional air escaping from your tires, make sure to much doesnt come out or else your tires fill be flat agian, so unscrew the pump quickly.

    Step6: Put your airpump away and take your bike for a spin!

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