Its good that the petrol prices are going to rise because it means people will use their cars less and there will be less pollution and congestion.

However if the government puts the price up high enough then it will make a much better reduction of pollution, it also means we will not have to lose good countryside for new roads. If there is less traffic then things like bypasses and motorways will no longer be needed.

The money can be used to encourage rail travel and use of bicycles even state subsidized bicycle sales.
Less car use is also very good for health it will reduce obesity and get more people walking or cycling which will be more healthy. With less cars roads will be much safer so more people will cycle.

The government should also look towards encouraging people to work closer to home or even from home, this could mean having small office units in communities used by a range of companies so staff can work close to home. There would also be affordable shops in all communities including small villages. We would also encourage people to buy groceries etc online. This would stop commuting and reduce carbon dioxide further.

It would be well worth increasing the cost of petrol much further to save our planet if we could use those ideas above. What are your opinions?


8 Responses to If we can make petrol in Britain even more expensive then can we drastically reduce car use and pollution?

  1. David S says:

    I agree with you totally. I'm a non driver but I fear our views are not going to be heard. Half of all car journeys in Britain are less than 2 miles long. Why don't people walk to the paper shop? Walk their kids to school? And live 150 miles sometimes from where they work. The media likes nothing better than stories about public transport failures, although in reality our network is one of the densest,
    and best in Europe. Pollution from air and road is now so bad in some large cities that half the children suffer from Asthma
    (I live in the country and manage without a car. Of course some remote country dwellers do rely on cars, but that doesn't justify the huge amount of polluting unhealthy short urban car journeys)

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