As the name suggests a Mini Bike is a miniature version of a motorbike. While some of these models use a two stroke engine, some versions use a four stroke engine. The two-stroker has a power stroke, and a subsequent exhaust pulse for each rotation of the crankshaft that creates a louder noise. Also, the two-stroker can produce more pollution in the air.

The cheapest Mini Bike is probably worth around 150 USD, and speeds up to 25mph.Though many bikers ignore wearing safety gear while riding this kind of a bike, one must understand that is not a toy, and should always wear a helmet while riding. Also check with your local government authority to understand the laws concerning your bike. In Canada's Ontario province, the U.K., Australia and the Netherlands, it is not legal to ride this kind of a bike on public roads.

Mini Pocket Rocket

Mini Pocket Rocket is just the miniature version of the already miniature pocket rocket. It gives a more compact look and feel. The sitting position of the driver just makes you feel that he is riding a rocket.

Cheap Mini Pocket bikes

The Cheap Mini Pocket Bikes come easy on the pocket, and do a decent job. They are used for various purposes. They can be purchased second hand. But beware. They may look small but pack a powerful punch, so much so that they aren't even considered safe to be driven on roads in several cities in the US. These bikes, also referred to as mini motor bikes, share a history with go-karting. The small size and fast speed of these mini pocket bikes made them a popular hit with racers who could drive them even through narrow dirt tracks. The trend caught on and the mini motor bikes soon became a hit with children and teenagers.

Crotch Bikes

Crotch Rocket bikes, though every adrenalin junkie's dream machine, is a slang term for the mini-sized super fast machines that make the rider hunch up and vroom off. Leaning forward on the seat with their feet towards the back of this category of the sports bike, helps streamline the biker's position with the machine while driving at high speeds. Although the machines are lighter for easy handling and increased speed, they are often difficult to manoeuvre in winters with ice and slush on roads. With the engine completely covered by the body of the bike, these machines, unlike the cruiser bikes are made with one objective in mind: speed. While cruiser bikes allow for comfortable rides, there is more serious fallout of the crotch rocket bikes' insistence on speed: accidents.


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