Mountain biking in India: Mountain biking is the most thrilling adventure sport which gives a boost of excitement within the bikers and ride them to experience the mind boggling mountain biking in India. The adventure enthusiast who has ever tried or longs to experience mountain biking will be thrilled by the sheer excitement offered with mountain biking in India. The moment when the bikers start the biking on the heavenly Indian mountains they get obsessed with the magnificent picturesque views of the mountain ranges. The bikers desire to perfect the art of mountain biking to indulge in the most scintillating experience. Biking in India is a great experience for those who love to explore the less visited and unbeaten paths. Mountain biking in Himalayas: The Great Indian Himalayas are the power house to the varied striking and obsessive activities, which is must for a perfect adventurous tour of mountain biking in India. Mountain Biking in Himalayas is the life changing experience with adventure, exciting, fun and full-stroke speed for the bikers and consists of some enthralling mountain biking trails in the mountain ranges of Himalayas. Some of the exotic and the most mind blowing Himalayan ranges which are included in mountain biking in Himalayas are as follows: Mountain biking in Garhwal: The Garhwal is one of the sacred and the most serene area which is most frequently visited in the Himalayas. The Garhwal Himalayas have always attracted the mountaineers from all over the world to attempt and scale the mighty peaks in this region. For a mountain bike enthusiast, this is a dream destination, offering you dirt trails through thick forest, untrustworthy mountain roads, and all the magnificent and picturesque natural beauty. The balancing act of mountain biking in Garhwal is also important as good balance helps the bikers to climb the most dangerous and sharp edges of the mountains. During the Garhwal Himalaya Mountain biking trails numerous surprises can always catch the one who is unaware. Mountain biking in Ladakh: A destination that is among the most spectacular higher regions in India for biking in Himalayas is Ladakh, which is well renowned for its numerous unspoiled areas that are a bit off-track because of their locations on much higher altitudes that makes them unapproachable for the usual holidaymakers and a great biking spot for the biking lovers. During the whole time duration of Ladakh mountain biking tour, the travelers get immense pleasure watching the maniac bikers biking amidst the dangerous paths of the Himalayas. Mountain biking in Himachal: The most approachable way to appreciate the scenic attractions of the Himachal Pradesh and to indulge in some of the famous adventure sports of Himachal Pradesh is mountain biking in Himachal. The bikers can go through the remote valleys of Lahaul & Spiti, while taking the adventurous experience of its kind. Enjoy the real thrill and excitement of mountain biking in Himalayas while on these remote valleys. Mountain Biking in Sikkim: Sikkim endorses the fun loaded adventure of mountain biking which surely offers the exciting biking trails to the adventure enthusiasts and lovers. The magnificent beauty of metros in Sikkim, the varied ranges of flora and fauna beauty that can be surely experienced on a long peaceful journey on the bike in the huge terrains of Sikkim.

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