Only 20 days left until Thanksgiving
Mania Planning Time
Please complete the following questionnaire.
After completing questionnaire forward back to sender as well as each
family representative.
Are you ready?
Is your trailer cleaned and packed?
Have to done a system check to make sure everything works in your trailer?
Is your tent dusted off?
Have you written out your shopping and all the logistics?
Jo, have you coordinated shopping and other activities with Mom?
Is there a food assignment list?
Is there a menu planned?
How much bacon does each family need?
What do you think about a fruit and cheese montage?
Have travel plans and dates been discussed with other family members?
Has the securing of sufficient campsites been thought through?
Camp Store?
Tye Die?
Decorations for festive ambiance?
Magic Train?
How about Charades?
Do you know where your dog pen is?
Is there a guest list?
How about a large dispenser for ice tea?
Are your batteries charged for lantern and flashlights?
Do you have a lighter?
Who is bringing firewood?
Do you have enough blankets, it gets cold?
Bikes, scooters and the like?
Running shoes?
How about that air pump to blow up air mattresses?
Maybe you need a broom for your tent?
Black long under wear, denim shorts, black belt and chapeau?
Who does smores?
Pre bake casseroles and warm in camp oven or cook in camp oven?
Big breakfast?
How dirty will your kids be allowed to get?
Will there be an award for the grimiest child?
How about fishing?
Who is planning Geo caching or is that a personal time out hike?
Will there be a swing?
Dishes, camp clean, enough dish towels?  Don't forget the dawn soap.
Do you need front door mats for dirty feet or will it be an Asian entrance only?
If you are not going for the dirty look toiletries and towels would be
a great idea.
If the ground is too cold think about lodging elsewhere so walking is
possible in the morning.
Clothing?  Layers, Layers, Layers.  It's this seasons hottest look.
Are you prepared for the camp creepy walker?
Oh yeah have you aired out the sleeping bags?
Have you set up the tent to make sure it is solid and rain worthy?
What about tarps and pop ups?  They are always handy.
Will this be a laptop free zone or will there be restrictions?
Will you be level?  Nothing worse than sleeping downhill.
Will there be bologna spread?
Who will ensure the raccoons will not eat the pie?
Who will replace the eaten pie?
Is there a limit as to how much time can be spent in your trailer?
Should there here

Dan is an RN currently working in the field of collecting life saving blood. Dan's passions are spending time with family and close friends, watching films, and working on the family hobby farm and ranch. Though Dan has been immersed in the hobby (or urban) farm lifestyle all of his life, he is always looking to learn more.


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