Are you someone who is into adventure sports? And is mountain biking your favorite thing? Whether you are into cross country biking, freeride biking, trials/street riding or downhill biking, there are different kinds of SPD mountain bikes for you to pick from. Mountain bikes are different from road bicycles and use shock absorbers and wide and knobby tires. SPD Mountain bikes from ODIN are one of the most popular bikes among bikers. They have vast range of bikes, which are perfect for mountain bike enthusiasts. The ODIN Exolution mountain bike is one such bike. It comes with Shimano 21 speed gears with easy-to-use grip shift, making it suitable for riding on uneven off-road surfaces where you have to keep changing the speed frequently. The ODIN Exolution bike features alloy shock system from the reputed ZOOM brand to provide comfortable riding. The handle bars in these bikes are also from ZOOM. If you want dual shock system, you can go for the ODIN Storm mountain bike. And for more number of gears, pick the ODIN Exceed. All these models from ODIN use light weight alloy frame with “Fish Scale Welds”. Reliable disk brakes provide improved stopping power because they are located at the centre of the wheels. They also feature quick release front and rear wheels. The ODIN Exolution and Exceed bikes also have alloy wheels and hubs with advanced spoke pattern. These mountain bikes come in different styles and colours too. The ODIN Exolution comes with a two tone finish - blue and grey; the ODIN Exceed has polished alloy finish, and the ODIN Storm has a matt black finish. In addition, ODIN offers you Neco head sets with select models of these mountain bikes. Modern ODIN mountain bikes will be your perfect partner on the rough terrain. Ready, steady, go…

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