Sojourn Active Vacations is proud to offer quality Cycling Tours in the most beautiful and unique destinations in North America. Tours offered by Sojourn include excellent accommodations, full meals and, of course, a strong supportive team to lead you through the best Cycling Tour possible. Sojourn's planned vacations can make you and your group discover gorgeous scenery and interesting local culture in a way that you've never experienced before. The most popular Cycling Tours offered by Sojourn include the Vermont to Quebec City route, Martha's Vineyards and Nantucket as well as the Acadia Maine bike tour.The Vermont to Quebec City tour was first planned in 2009, as a mean to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Lake Champlain. Since then, many cyclers have experienced this fantastic tour that starts off in Burlington, Vermont, and goes all the way up to charming Quebec City and its astonishing scenery. Travelers will get to explore rural routes and famous bike paths of the Province of Quebec, biking alongside waterways traveled by Samuel de Champlain back in 1609. The tour last seven nights – two of those seven nights will be spent in Quebec City, to immerse the cyclers in the richness of Quebec's French culture.Martha's Vineyards and Nantucket's Cycling Tour is a complete island tour located near Boston, yet offering a completely different scenery. The two islands feature incredible bicycle paths and quiet country lanes, making this destination a perfect choice to explore on your two wheels. Travelers will get to experience a sunset sail on Nantucket Sound, a tour of Nantucket's Whaling Museum as well as 3 nights in a beautiful country inn near the beach and 2 nights in an historic Nantucket inn. This tour will allow cyclers to discover the true culture of New England region and to admire breathtaking views of the beach.Last but none the least, another popular Cycling Tour offered by Sojourn is the praised Acadia Maine bike tour. The Acadia National Park is our nation's smallest but most scenic National Park and offers the most stunning views of the pristine lakes surrounding Main's most beautiful island. Visit fishing villages, sail on a Main Windjammer, hike to spectacular viewpoints and unwind for 5 nights in luxury accommodations overlooking the ocean with this incredible Cycling Tour that will guide you through Maine's exceptional beauty.Sojourn prides itself in offering the best experience to its numerous repeat and referral travelers as well as newcomers to the world of active vacations. By providing access to beautiful sceneries such as Quebec City, New England's most beautiful islands and the unique Acadia National Park, Sojourn establishes itself as a leading Cycling Tour organizer. With an extreme attention to the smallest details and a thorough knowledge of all prime locations for cycling vacations in the country, Sojourn's team of experts will help you plan a wonderful trip with your friends and family.For more information, please visit gosojourn.

Sojourn specializes in extraordinary bike tours and active vacations throughout North America. Choose from destinations artfully selected for breathtaking scenery, unique points of interest, fabulous cycling , and distinctive lodging. For more information visit


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