The first thing you need to do is put the saddle bags or panniers on the bike or bicycle that you are going to ride. You may hang the panniers as you find convenient. But it would be better if two big panniers are hanged in the front of the bike and two small saddle bags on the back. This would balance the weight.

The things that you must carry in the panniers are quite important. And you must not miss out any of these to make your bike tour a comfortable one especially if the camping is for a couple of days or more.  The list includes sleeping pad, camping pillow, light and comfortable clothing, Lycra cycling shorts, nylon tops synthetic fabric socks, sun glasses, water proof jacket and water proof gloves. You must also not miss out on certain tools that would be required if some mishap happened to you vehicle. Thus, you must carry screwdriver, torch, two spare tubes, rubber patching tires and pocket knife.

The bike rentals NYC are mostly known forproviding Bike rentals Central Park. There, you may also need to stuff some items like camping stove, frying pan, fishing rod etc. in one of the panniers. If the trip is more than a day then you must carry food items like energy bars, dried fruits, pasta, dried beans, carrots, apples, oranges, potatoes, chocolates and other items that are nutritious. Make the moments memorable with your camera and also jot down certain quick notes in a diary so that even after years you can cheer while reading the quick notes. Do not forget to carry zip lock bags, garbage bags and other items for the purpose of waterproofing. And the two most important things and that are, carrying some water and money. You won't survive without either.

Apart from the above basic necessities, you must carry the other essentials as per the climate, conditions and the location of your bike tour and journey. And just after hanging, stuffing and hooking the panniers on the bike check properly that whether anything is falling out.

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