Walmart doesnt carry them IN store, only online, and I wanted to buy one right away. They do have the cheapest one at 90 bucks and I wanted to find something at a similar price. Would a local bike store have them at a similar price or is walmart my best bet at a cheap cruiser? If it helps any I live in Tampa Bay Fl.
So only walmart then huh .... :/


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  1. misterguru says:

    a classic beach cruiser is not going to be that cheap! are you freakin kiddin me?

    but if you say you can get on for less than 100 bucks...then i strongly advize you to be a patient BeachCruiserGURU ..and get the online delivery special..

    unless you want a USED one with scratched paint and a ripped seat that other peeps farted on...HAH!...then that's all going to take some YARDSALE investigating...or the second-hand store flip flop karate kick! hahaha

    i was gonna say go to the beach and just steal one from someone thatz literally struggling n' dumping in the toilet...but that would suck just be brilliant and wait for the delivery

    otherwize, its going to cost about $250.00 for a brand new beach cruiser at your local ripoff artist bike shop! LOL

  2. jude2918 says:

    Bicycle shops do not compete with Wal Mart. They offer much better bicycles for much higher prices.

    You seem to want a fat tire bicycle which will have a bigger area of suport. You can always look at pawn shops. Beaches are not good areas for bicycles. The sand will ruin the gears and chans so you are going to destroy your bicycle fairly quickly without very good maintainence. Used bicycles may already be worn out.

  3. PDR says:

    Kmart has some decent beach cruisers at there beach stores. Just be sure that you go over them with a wrench, air, and oil before using.

  4. mdcbert says:

    I saw them IN K-mart for $100.

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