We've listed the road users below where a hi vis vest or jacket would help reduce the risk of accidents to them and other road users.


Drivers should always be prepared for an emergency. Most drivers don't prepare for an accident and fail to include some real life-saving items within their vehicle. A blanket, in-car mobile phone charger and spare bulbs could make a driver's life much easier in case of an emergency. With a hi vis vest, drivers can be prepared for any break down in any condition. Hi vis clothing becomes even more essential should a driver break down at night. In 2008, France made it a legal requirement that vehicles on French Roads must contain a hi vis vest. It is also a requirement in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Recommended: Hi Vis Vest

Cyclists and Runners

It is essential for cyclists and runners to be visible when on the road. They are at risk of serious injury with drivers provide a substantial threat to the safety of cyclists and runners. Wearing a hi vis t-shirt whilst on the road can dramatically reduce the risk of serious injury whilst on the road. A vehicle headlight would beam onto the reflective strips of a hi vis vest which would allow the driver to take evasive action if needed. For cyclists, an LED light on the bicycle allows greater visibilty on the road. Recommended: Hi Vis T-shirt

Horse riders

A high proportion of horse riders aren't wearing Hi Vis Clothing and it puts them and the horse at risk of serious injury. The British Horse Society recently launched a national survey to find out why horse riders aren't wearing hi vis clothing. Horseaccidents.org.uk, which is run by BHS has received over 100 reports of Horse accidents and they are keen to step up their campaign to get horse riders to wear some piece of hi vis clothing. BHS recommends a minimum of a hi his jacket for the driver and hi vis leg bands for the horse. Recommended: Hi Vis 7 in 1 Jacket Keep yourself safe when on the road and get yourself some high visibility clothing.

Written by Safety Workwear Suppliers, Step Ahead Workwear


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