My father recently asked me to put one of his vintage collecter bicycles up for sale. It is a 1951 Bowden Spacelander, and I'd say it is in PERFECT condition.

My question is... how much should I be asking for it? Or where could I find an accurate estimate? Thanks in advance!

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  1. mirageguitarworks says:

    The only PERFECT vintage Bowden I have ever seen is at the Smithsonian on loan from the owner. The value of such an item is going to be hard to pin down but perhaps you can do an online search.

    Strangely, the Spacelander was designed about 1946 in aluminum but not placed into production until 1960, so if he has the original 1951 fiberglas prototype it's value is inestimable. A mint 1960 version has seen pricing in the $10,000 to $12,000 range.

    The Spacelander, as you probably already know, was reproduced in the 1990s, and I think they are still available today, these can be had for less than a couple of thousand dollars.

    When it comes to pricing bicycles, even the smallest imperfection detracts from value unless the bike is hopelessly rare (the Spacelander may fall into this category). However, value is enhanced with original bills of sale and original literature and hangtags, etc.

    You might want to check out to see if he has any additional info on them.

    EDIT! You can find the reproductions on

  2. simon r says:


    Firstly your father is very lucky if he has a bowden spacelander - they sere produced in very limited qty before bowden went bust - they were actually made in 1960-61? not 51 - there was also some replicas made in the early 90s - anyway providing your fathers is an original you could expect it to fetch somewhere between $8000 - $12000 - on occassions they have gone for as much as $20,000 - i purchased one a couple of years ago for $9000 - i would say the best place to sell it would be either a specialist auction house or ebay - most kean collectors keep an eye on ebay so im sure it will get plenty of bids - if you send me some photos i would be happy to give you a better idea on price - my email is - hope it helps and good luck!!!

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