I purchased through eBay a couple of power meters cheap (relatively speaking) but they did not come with software that I could use. One was locked and could only be used once i.e. once installed on one computer it could not be transferred to another computer and the other did not come any software.

I am looking for bicycle power meter software for sale preferable software that can handle several different type bicycle power meters like SRM or Ergono or PowerTap or any other bicycle computer that stores data for later downloading like maybe Garmin? or any others that I may come across in the future that I do not know of now.

I would like it to be able to graph data and if possible overlap one 'session' over another or some other way of direct on screen at the same time comparison.
I would also like it to be able to show altitude variations if the 'cycle power meter' has the ability to record that type of data.

Working on a Macintosh PowerPC processor or Windows 98se system would be a plus but I do have a XP system.
Most of my programs are on either the Mac or the Windows 98, The Windows 98 system is not online or I do not go online with it *(as long as I stay offline it works great when I go online it starts giving me trouble, that is the reason I went for a PowerPC processor Mac and not an Intel processor, one more layer that malicious software has to cross without me continuously having to buy and upgrade firewall virus protection type software)

I do not want to work 'online' but want it totally off line and transferable if possible.
I really want the software to be transferable so that I can give it with the power meter if I decide to get rid of it or the bike.

What are the options available?
I have seen the WKO+ system a little are there any others?
What power meters would you think of if you where to buy a bicycle computer tool to measure your performance/effort

I am using the power meters to compare 2 bikes and aerodynamic changes I might make. I want to use the power meters so that I can say with relative confidence that this bike or that bike is faster i.e. it takes less effort for the same or more speed. Or to check to see if changes I might make made any difference , Did the fairing really help ? did the wheel covers? tires? is one bike really faster or is it just a little faster but it seems faster than it is *( sometimes I forget to turn on one computer after it goes to sleep and turning it on after I am moving certainly effects the end average results but I hope not ride time readings) ? etc.

Where else would you put this question ? How might I better phrase the question?