I just saw it today, but I forgot to ask for the model number. The pawn shop I went to was having a "25% off Bicycle Sale". The sale price for the bike I saw was $225. I'm not exactly a bike expert by no means, but I want to start off with a better bike than the cheap bike I got seven years ago at Target.

The tires seem to be that of mountain bikes. The rims were, I believe, 26". The frame of the bike was silver from what I remember and the shifters went up to 8 gears and 3 gears on the other side of the handle. It was a dual suspension as well. The brakes it had was a disc break in the front and just a regular brake in the rear. The bike seemed to be in good condition from what I saw.

What do you guys think as a guess of what specific bike this is, and if it's worth to buy it ~$200 ?

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