I loved the light weight and smooth feel of the Eddie Bauer bicycle. Where (what website) can I find Eddie Bauer bicycles for sale or one similar (lightweight).

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3 Responses to I’m looking for a bicycle similar (lightweight) to the Eddie Bauer bicycle.?

  1. uncleneal says:

    don't bother looking for one... the Eddie Bauer bikes are just another mass produced cheap name that has just been licensed with the fancy name on it, but it doesn't mean quality...

    go to your local bike shops and check out KHS, Trek, Specialized, and Giant
    stay away from Walmart, Kmart, etc.

  2. mirageguitarworks says:

    Eddies Bauers were made for that company by the same people that make some models for Raleigh and Diamondback who are, incidentally, a part of the Giant Bicycle conglomerate (not the Giant brand). Giant Bicycle also manufactures some Trek and Specialized models so don't get caught up in the name brand controversy.

    I suggest that you look around and locate a Diamondback or Raleigh dealer. You will find when comparing the two brands that they have some very similar models but the Diamondback is generally less expensive. I can tell you from experience that they are practically identical with the exception of the price, name and color.

  3. Wisdom says:

    There is no bike for sell where ever you are at.

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