If you're looking for scooters for sale, you're not alone. As gas prices and public transit fares rise in tandem, more and more urban and suburban commuters are turning to scooters for their local transport needs. These fast, lightweight vehicles are perfect for routine trips and chores. Scooters are a great alternative to other modes of town and city transport. Tomos Canada's "Nitro" and "Velo" model scooters are some of the best [and most affordable] scooters available for sale today.Scooters for sale from Tomos Canada are compact enough to park on city sidewalks, but powerful enough to ride in traffic, making them much less of a hassle to own than a full-sized automobile, and much more convenient than a bicycle. Not only are Tomos Canada's scooters for sale extremely practical, but they have an attractive European appearance that makes them as much fun to show off as they are to ride.All of Tomos Canada's scooters for sale come equipped with 149cc, four-stroke engines. With so much power yoked to such a small, sleek frame, you'll have more than enough power to zip down city streets, leaving pedestrians and bus riders in the dust. Nitro and Velo scooters from Tomos Canada have generous seating, ample enough to carry a passenger [in addition to the driver] when necessary.Tomos Canada's scooters for sale are only the beginning of an extensive line of urban motorized transport products. Tomos Canada also sells a full line of Tomos mopeds, which make a great alternative to the traditional scooter for those who demand slightly more bike-like performance from their motorized conveyance.Tomos Canada's "Arrow R" moped boasts a stripped-down motorcycle-like design, which distinguishes it from the low-slung design of the company's scooters for sale. The Arrow R comes equipped with a peppy 49cc, two-stroke engine, perfect for zipping by pokier traffic.Tomos Canada's "Streetmate" moped is designed to resemble a small motorcycle almost exactly. It comes equipped with a handy faux gas tank, for storage, and sports an attractive red paint job, and chrome rims. The Streetmate is a visually arresting, slick ride. It's perfect for the style-conscious moped rider.The current line of scooters for sale available from Tomos Canada is only the latest in a legacy of quality that spans more than half a century. Tomos was founded in Slovenia shortly after World War II, and has been producing quality motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds ever since. Tomos also produces a line of outboard motors, for boats.Tomos Canada is the official distributor of Tomos products in Canada. Consider contacting them for more information on their line of scooters for sale. You'll be glad you did.Tomos Canada is the Canadian distributor of Tomos-brand scooters for sale, and other Tomos products. For more information, visit TomosCanada.

Tomos, a Solvenian manufacturer of motor sports products, has a storied history. The company has manufactured quality motorbikes, scooters, and other motor sports products for the Eastern European market for over 50 years. For more information, visit www.TomosCanada.com.

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