Garage sales are usually done by people who would like to make extra money out of the old but still usable things in their possession. Garage sales are frequented by buyers who are hoping to discover some gold from somebody else’s trash, so to speak. A garage sale could be fun, considering the adventure of finding things you might never see in a regular store.

If you intend to hold a garage sale some time soon to get rid of your seldom-used things and equipments, here are some tips you can follow to make your garage sale a big success.

1. Gather all possible saleable items. Rummage through your closet and garage. Look for things that you do not use anymore but are still in good condition. These things could be your son’s bicycle when he was three. It could be the old desk that you removed from your last renovation. There are many possibilities. Just keep on looking.

2. Check your items. Make sure all your items up for sale are in good working condition. Otherwise, no body will take interest in them. Repair the items if you have to. Clean each and every one of them so that you can restore it to its original appearance.

3. Make a price list. Once you have all the things to sell, you have to price them accordingly. Make a list as to how much each item would cost. Then conveniently place them on stickers or tags for each item to carry.

4. Advertise. You have to inform people that you will be holding a garage sale in a few days. You can send your ad to the local newspaper for printing. You can also invite your family and friends. Make posters and put them up around your house. Try to get permission to post them all over your area as well.

5. Set-up the garage. When the date is near, you can go ahead and arrange your garage like a flea market. Put up tables to put small merchandise on. Designate where the check out counter will be and put arrow signs towards it on the walls. Make sure that you have loose change ready.

These are a few of the things you can do to prepare for your upcoming garage sale. Make it exciting to attract more customers. You can even give out refreshments if you wish. Just make sure it will be fun and then watch customers crowd your garage.

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