Many people only think of motorhomes as something you hire while on holiday. Today, there are a growing number of people buying a mobile home either for regular holidays or for a permanent home to live in. So, what are the options when looking for a motorhome for sale? Should you get a custom designed motorhome, a bus conversion, a campervan or a caravan? Should you get an ex rental, a second hand vehicle or get one made to suit your exact requirements? When looking at a vehicle, you should carefully look at a number of factors that may increase your enjoyment using it:

First, look at how many people you may want to have staying the unit and where they will sleep. How much storage is there, for not only your everyday requirements like food and clothing storage, but also any sport equipment you may want to take along like fishing rods or bicycles. Ideally, the storage in the unit should be easy to get to, many rental motorhomes have storage under seats which require removal of covers to access your gear. But, this storage method does not take long to become a real annoyance.

Secondly, compare with the everyday rooms you have in your 'normal' home. Starting with the kitchen, is it easy to use and clean? Are there built in systems so you can cook and keep the refrigerator going when there isn't any electricity to plug into? Does it have an extractor system so the motorhome doesn't retain cooking smells? With the bathroom facilities, can you use the bathroom area without having to be a contortionist or without banging your elbows? How easy is it to keep clean?

Thirdly, the practical and environmental issues. Today, an important aspect of any vehicle is how environmentally sound is it? How how much fresh water can you store on board? Do you have adequate grey water storage so you are not having to empty at dump stations too often? What is the fuel consumption? Does it capture all sink waste water or does it just dump it on the ground? Does it have a fully self contained toilet? Many places are now requiring motorhomes to be fully self contained to reduce environmental pollution.

You may get a good deal buying a pre-loved or ex-rental vehicle but, remember, you are buying someone else's design that fitted their requirements, not necessarily yours. You may need to change some or all of the interior and, unless you are very handy at carpentary, plumbing, electrical work and/or upholstering, you'll need to use a specialist outfitter to do it for you. If you think about doing the refurbishment or conversions yourself, the biggest thing to be aware of is that you may need to buy appliances or bathroom equipment that are not standard in order to make the most of your space. Professional outfitters design and upgrade motorhome on a regular basis and know lots of ways to make the most of your space, to buy the right gear at the right price and have ways to make travel and life in your motorhome more enjoyable.

Looking at Motorhomes for sale? Go to a specialist motorhome designer and building company and get the best advice on the type of Mobile Home that suits your particular needs.

Sara Leadbetter is a Business Advisor based in Christchurch, New Zealand. This article was written about her work with Lifestyle Motorhomes who Build, Repair and have Motorhomes for Sale near Christchurch, New Zealand.

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