If you intend to make an online purchase, it is important that you research the product as well as the seller before you go ahead and handover any money. For any equipment such as bicycles, camping or sport and fitness equipment you need to be more careful. This is because these items are generally more expensive. If the product you are purchasing is brand new, then check with the seller if any warranties or guarantees are provided with the product. Also what comeback do you have if the item is damaged or broken. Ideally, it’s better if you’re buying a brand new sporting item. This is because it is likely that the item has been used by someone else and may be unclean.Many of the free classifieds you will see for sporting goods; both in newspapers, magazines and online, are for second hand products. It is important to remember that these items will very rarely come with a return policy attached to them. Therefore you need to look carefully at the product and do as much research before purchasing in case it is not ideal for what you want.If you are in contact with the seller by email then arrange with them to send extra images and information relating to the product. If it’s a tent or a bicycle, ask them to provide you with photographs taking from various angles. This way you will be able to see just what sort of condition the item is in. Before you make any purchase, it is advisable to speak directly with the seller by email or on the phone. This way you will be able to ask them more pertinent questions with regards to the condition of the item you are thinking of purchasing. It is at this stage that you can find out the reasons why they are selling the item. Sometimes you may well find that the item you are interested in is not a personal item but a job lot that the seller is trying to get rid of quickly.Be wary of sellers who use standard advertisement photographs from other websites or from sales brochures to advertise their products. It’s these people you should once again be asking to provide further photographs so you can really see what condition the equipment is in. If they are unwilling to supply further photographs of the item for sale or provide you with answers to your questions then walk away immediately and look elsewhere for the same item. Make sure you take the time to learn about the product and the seller before making a more informed decision about your purchase. So never rush into making the first purchase, but spend time looking closely at all the other adverts that have similar products for sale.Adflyer is a one stop shop for new and used items. 1000's of Products listed by Merchants and private sellers within the UK.

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Adflyer is a one stop shop for new and used items. 1000's of Products listed by Merchants and private sellers within the UK.

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