Buying A Used Segway Online: How To Make Sure You Get The Best Deal Possible

Personal transportation is an issue that presents a number of quandaries for anyone who wants to get the best way of taking themselves from A to B. Sometimes you live within simple walking distance of anywhere you really need to go – if you do, you are lucky.

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Other times, you need to commute, and while having a car is beneficial, there are always going to be some aspects of this that present a problem. Think about fuel, parking and maintenance bills – suddenly, the amount that you paid for the car is just the start of a big series of bills.

There are various approaches that you can take when your typical destination is too far away to walk, but buying and using a car is not an appropriate decision to make – financially and environmentally among other reasons. You can buy a bicycle, but in certain other circumstances, you might be best served by another, more recent option: The Segway Scooter. You may have heard a lot or a little about them. You may have heard about the time that the then President of the United States fell off a Segway – not the company's fault, nor the machine's but still bad publicity for all concerned. What you may not have heard is the range of positive comments and reviews the machines are getting from the online community. And it is worth listening to what Segway owners have to say about the machines, because no-one knows better than them just how useful these scooters can be. Segway sales are on the rise. Why is that? Well, here is what some users have to say:

"Because we are used to cars, and motorbikes, something that looks like this and works so differently seems weird. And yet, the first time I used the Segway I knew it was for me...""It's not as fast as a car and it doesn't have the same range. But that's not the important thing about it. The important thing is that I can get to the store and bring my shopping back without my knee flaring up again!""I'm a self-confessed Segway addict. I can make as many journeys as I want, I am in control and I don't have to worry about the financial and environmental cost. It's just perfect for me."When you dig under the strange press the scooters have been getting, you can see why the Segway is selling in great numbers. And why you might look at the price of a new one and wonder what makes a Segway cost that much, remember that there are perfectly good used Segways for sale that will do the same job as a new one, and consider how that might work out for you. These are fascinating little machines and there is a big upside to getting one for yourself.There are Segways to suit all price ranges and needs, and your first choice will be picking the right one. But first, there are some other things it's worth knowing about the scooters.Why More And More People Are Choosing To Buy Segway Scooter OnlineIt might be handy to know a few things about the Segway and why it has overcome some early bad publicity. Let's take the name first: Segway (definition: "follows" – at least, this is the translation of the Italian word "segue" from which the vehicle takes its name). Having taken the Italian word and modified it (using the word "way", which has an obvious relation to a means of travel), the inventor Dean Kamen felt that the word evoked the idea of a smooth transition from place to place.One of the major benefits of the Segway is the ease of use that it provides for people who buy them. There is no complicated user system like with a car. You lean forward to move forward, lean backwards to go in that direction, and the Lean Steer handlebar turns the scooter left or right depending on which way you press it.The Segway Scooter: Models and Their UsesSegway dealers have a wide range of different vehicles which all perform in different ways and are useful for differing aspects of travel. There are ones which will be useful for your standard journey to work, and others which are perfect for an off-road adventure trip. There are Segway tours in some cities – popular because they give you a chance to relax while you move around. In the UK, there are golf clubs which hire out the Segway x2 Golf, designed specifically for use on golf courses. And there's more.If you want to buy a Segway, then your first decision needs to be with regards to what you are buying it for. Here is a rundown of the currently available models and the customers who will be most keen to purchase and use each of them:

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Segway i2 Personal Transporter: The basic, versatile model which is typically the most popular  for the average user. It gets you where you want to go without fuss, and can be used indoors (building policy permitting, of course).Segway i2 Commuter: Quite similar to the basic i2, in that it does what it is intended to do without a great deal of fuss. This model is perfect for people who have a journey to work which is too far to walk but not really worth buying a car for. It features storage for small items like papers and files.Segway i2 Cargo: This is similar to the siblings above in that it has a light frame, but it has a bit more besides. Two large storage compartments mean that the Cargo model is ideal for shopping trips, and allows you to carry approximately 30 lbs of shopping or whatever you need to carry.Segway x2: Think of this as the i2's sportier twin, the one who likes to go on adventure weekends among nature. It deals much better than the i2 with difficult terrain, due to a sturdier frame and wide, deep-tread tires which handle uneven ground and loose terrain.Segway x2 Turf: If your adventure trips are likely to take you over a lot of soft terrain – most specifically turf, as the name suggests, then this is the model of Segway dealers will recommend to you. The low pressure tires mean that it will leave turf exactly as it found it.Segway x2 Adventure: If the standard x2 is like the i2's sportier twin, the Adventure is their elder brother who has had more time to get bulked up and go on excursions. A heavier frame again as well as greater storage space for anything you need to carry, this is the heavy-duty option.Segway x2 Golf: Currently only distributed in the UK, this is a machine designed for what the name says it is. Using one of these models, you can go anywhere on a golf course without damaging the integrity of the turf, and has a spare section for attaching your golf bag. Its wider tires mean that even with the weight of your clubs, it still won't harm the fairways and green areas.

Check cheapest prices for all segway models nowOther models which have been developed but not made available include the Segway centaur, a four-wheel minibike which operates on the same principles as the scooters. Segway have said that they have no plans to make this vehicle commercially available, but have confessed that this may change should demand become high enough. There is also the IBOT, a Segway wheelchair which was invented by Dean Kamen and was in fact his initial project prior to developing it into a scooter. These tend to retail at more than $20,000, but if you have that kind of money to spend on a wheelchair then you may well be intrigued by its steadiness and ease of use.Getting The Right Used Segway PriceThere are many who would look at the prices for Segways and think that – as you could arguably get a used car for less – there is no point in spending that much on a scooter. And there is no doubt that if you are buying a Segway new from any of the usual Segway dealers, you will be paying the best part of five figures for the privilege. However, this is the internet, and in this day and age there are few things you can buy new that cannot also be purchased pre-owned.There are specialist second-hand dealers online, but if you want to buy a used Segway eBay is always a good bet. Given their strong policy on customer services, you can feel confident that as long as you play things by the book, you will not have to regret buying from the wrong person or the wrong dealer. There are many used Segways for sale on there, from people who have upgraded to a newer, perhaps more specialised model in many cases.By buying online, you can expect to knock as many as four figures off the cost of a used Segway for sale, which represents a real saving in what are financially trying times. Buying from eBay also means that, as long as you do not pay cash to the seller, you are covered in cases where the seller is found to have misled you. However, for added security from this, it is best advised to find Segway dealers with their own eBay shop, as they will be more familiar with the selling process and the conditions that govern sales.Does That Price of Segway For Sale Seem Too Good To Be True? Ask Questions.Wherever you are buying a Segway from, you should be aware of the prevailing price for the item. If a price turns up on eBay that simply seems too good to be true, chances are that it is. If someone is selling an item which regularly retails for more than five thousand dollars, and they have placed a price on the item that is less than half that, they will need to have an explanation as to why. On eBay, there is a chance to ask questions of the seller on any item you want to buy. By asking the right questions and monitoring their feedback, you can be more confident about their reliability.Reliability is a key issue here, for the seller and the item. Although they are durable, there is no doubt that if someone is careless or spitefully negligent, they can cause severe damage to a Segway and then place it online to try and make some of their money back. You should ideally look for a nearby seller to whom you can travel and then make the purchase in person using a credit card – this way you can test out the scooter for a while before handing anything over. Beware of Segway sales that lack any sense of officialdom. If you hand over cash for the scooter, remember that there is no paper trail for you to refer to if something goes wrong with the machine and you want a refund. No doubt there are some used Segways for sale that would not pass a test drive, so try not to buy sight unseen from anyone but an official supplier.If you want to find out more directly from the source, then a visit to is well worth your time. The official website has a wealth of information on Segway scooters and the company listens to feedback from customers. This is how the i2 Cargo scooter was created – from business customers contacting Segway to ask if anything could be done to make the machine more compatible with tasks like courier deliveries and on-site materials transportation. You can be sure that Segway will listen – and talk – to customers.So whatever machine you want, whether it be an off road Segway or something a little more demure for the occasional shopping trip, remember to research your purchase before handing over any money. Remember that there are Segways for sale cheap from dealers who are reputable and interested in protecting their reputation for customer services. And certainly don't let the early negative hype about these machines get in the way of you buying one. Try it for yourself before you buy and you will see why the Segway is one of the great survivors, and more in demand today than they have ever been. As a final tip, take this into account: if you really want to be sure that you are doing the right thing, look for Segway rentals and test the machine for a day or two before committing.

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