I what to buy a bicycle so I could get back home from my work faster and so I saw this bicycle at a Goodwill store, but the tires need some inflation and so I want to know if they are good or not good tires. I want to buy a bicycle pump for that but I don't know where they sale one. Can someone help me?

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4 Responses to What kind of stores sale a bicycle pump and what is a fair price?

  1. roscoedeadbeat says:

    I live in California in the USA. Here we have bicycle stores which sell pumps for bicycle tires. Also service stations (petrol sales stores) have air pumps which dispense air through hoses which fit on all bike tires.
    These have air gauges which show how much pressure the tire is holding. Every tire has the amount of pressure it should hold printed on the side. (usually around 30 lbs) be careful not to exceed this pressure.

  2. wingman7 says:

    First regardless if they are good tires or bad tires replace them. Kevlar tires are what they are just barely tires just tube coverings and these tires dry-rot easily (We Roadies replace our tires yearly). As for the Air pump go to Dick's sporting goods for a Avenir air pump($20). I swear by it and the company is the same as Raleigh bikes. When you buy one get a pump with a twin pump head(Schrader & Presta) for versatility when pumping up ! Most Important read the side wall for max psi and AVOID GAS STATION AIR PUMPS they fill by volume NOT just air pressure ! Pump up by hand you wouldn't see Lance filling up his $6000 carbon fiber bike at BP would you ?


  3. Carl_the_Truth says:

    You can get a pump at Walmart for $10. But that won't prove the tires are good. Some leaks take hours to show up.

  4. Duct Tape Doc says:

    All the answers are good but left out one important thing- buy a pump with a built in pressure gauge. It's important to use the right pressure and you need a gauge to do that. In US, <$20.

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