i want to get a good front rim has to be the one that looks like a star i dont know what they call them but i know someone out there knows what I'm taking about please help me thank you

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2 Responses to where in nyc can i find used triatalon bicycle rims for sale dont know where to go?

  1. mtlbiker says:

    Rims are the outside part of a wheel, not the wheel itself. There are a few types of wheels like the ones you describe, Spinergy wheels being one of these. They are not used as much as they used to be, the trend now is to using wheels with a low spoke count of more conventional metal spokes. These wheels tend to be rather heavy, a disadvantage when climbing hills.

  2. jaydawg says:

    try looking on ebay to find out the name of the wheel your looking for, since you're the one that knows what your looking for. once you find out what it is try looking on craigslist.org in the bikes section, you can also post a WTB, that means want to buy, good luck, ride on !

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