While bicycling and indoor stationary biking are among the very best forms of aerobic conditioning, they often leave the participant with tightness, cramps and sometimes even pain. A consistent sport associated yoga program could relieve a lot of of these symptoms; including back pain, trapezious tension and tight hamstrings and quadriceps.Repeated biking forces your body in long periods of forward flexion, similar to sitting at a desk for extended hours or driving a car. However because of the work involved there gets the extra problem of a tightening in the muscles of the lower body, quads, hamstrings and gluteus. More of this at yoga teacher training.Yoga Postures offer us with an opening within these areas. The following are a listing of positions which will balance the body and reduce the risk of injury.Upper Body Openers:1. CHEST EXPANSION: In the course of your ride remember to periodically open the chest and pull the shoulders back and straight down, squeezing the shoulder blades with each other and tensing the back muscles. Take 10 deep breaths into opening in the chest and shoulder, which stay contracted during the ride. While riding try and keep your shoulders comfortable and wide open.Once the ride is finished get off of the bike, interlace hands together behind the back and open the chest forward by tugging the arms as far from the body as possible. If you are at normal resting heart rate you could forward fold right into a full chest expansion by hinging at the hips and also folding the upper body over the lower body. Maintain hands interlaced for ten deep breaths. Check this out at yoga conference.2. COBRA POSE: A chest and shoulder opener - laying the body face-down on the ground, put fingers beneath shoulder blades and lightly push to arms towards straight but not necessarily all the way, maintaining a small flex within the elbows. Protect the lower back by maintaining the hips on the floor and squeezing the gluteus (those muscle groups you're sitting on) tight.Quadriceps Openers:1.QUAD STRETCH: Laying facedown on the ground - bend one leg and seize on the actual ankle - gently pulling the lower limb back and up - try out touching your own foot to the gluts. Change sides. This could be also done standing up. Be mindful if you've got knee problems.Hip openers:UPSIDE DOWN PIDGEON POSES: Lying face-up on the ground, lifting the legs to knee level off the ground, take the right ankle to the left quadriceps - aiming for a spot upon the leg half way between knee and crotch. Pull left knee in to the body, press right knee away lightly right up until you feel a deep stretch in the hip and glute area. Hold for 10 deep breaths and change sides.Hamstring Openers:FORWARD FOLD: While at relaxing pulse rate, standing up, bend at the hips folding forward - grab onto elbows, or more intense- hold ankles - along with smooth breathing sink a little further on each exhale, letting the crown of the head move towards the flooring and relaxing the neck and head as much as possible. Take 10 heavy breaths. These postures aren't recommended for anybody with a heart problem or if pulse rate is higher than resting.Side Openers:LATERAL FLEXION: Because of the position on the cycle it is common to have tight latisimus dorsi ( Lats ) because they are contracted for most of the bike. With this particular stretch we can open up the sides of our bodies. Standing brings both arms above your head; bring the right arm down relaxing the particular hand on the hip. Inhale, lifting from the small of the back. Exhale lower the particular left arm above your head right up until you feel a deep stretch in the left side of the body. Keep your glutes tight and the lower body moving forward as the upper body proceeds to lift and sink. Take 5 deep breaths and then change sides.Practice these kinds of poses at the end of the ride and you will feel charged, relaxed and refreshed. You will see instant differences in your own flexibility. These postures may also be used for business employees, long-distance motorists and moms who are devoting lots of time along with small children. To learn more on Yoga and Sports Conditioning check out Beth Shaw's YOGAFIT released by Human Kinetics publishing for sale in book shops right now.All of us face a variety of concerns and challenges every day. Top off our personal 'normal' daily stresses with the condition of world politics, wars, establishments in downturn around the globe and work losses here in the U.S. and, well, need I say more? Anxiety has become a common state of being for nearly everyone nowadays. This kind of anxiety can certainly develop into another daily stress by itself. If you seem to be mired with excessive anxiety, you need to know that there's a means of conquering anxiety, no matter how unlikely that might seem. Here is a virtual road map you may use to succeed in overcoming anxiety by doing yoga teacher training!Anxiety is the body's normal reaction to stressful conditions. It's really a way the body shields you. For instance, if you're walking down the street during the night and a suspicious character approaches you, you get anxious, as a result of adrenalin rush. Rather than freezing on the spot, you run to the other direction.However, it is also true that anxiety is usually a result of intangible threats, like worry about your kids, finances or a spat because of your boss. Your body doesn't distinguish between real and intangible, or even imaginary threats. That rush of adrenalin comes on equally as strong. The problem now becomes different. As it is said, you're all dressed up with nowhere to go. This is when; rather than a brief spurt of anxiety and a subsequent corrective action like fleeing the suspicious character that adrenalin just keeps on going, with the anxiety continuing apace. This is the time you need some practical aid in conquering anxiety.If your anxiety starts causing you some real discomfort, the best things that you can do to have it under control is to take something physical, with vigor. That racing feeling will shortly disappear when you engage in some chores. Wash the daylights from the kitchen floor. When the weather's nice, go for a brisk walk or ride a bike on your neighborhood. Get the vacuum cleaner out and pretend your mother-in-law is coming for lunch. The extra physical energy you expend, the better you will feel.Should you have the full blown anxiety attack, overcoming anxiousness may seem impossible. Anxiety attacks may generate several quite uncomfortable symptoms. Your heart may beat frighteningly fast; you might go through the feeling of choking or not being able to breathe, with painful tension in the muscles as well as in the chest. This usually triggers hyperventilating. You may have heard that breathing into a paper bag will prevent hyperventilating in its tracks. Nice thing about it is it's true. Simply squeeze the neck of any brown paper bag until it's only broad enough for your mouth. Breathe in and out, as gently as possible. The symptoms will subside.If the anxiety occurs on a regular basis, it's recommended to speak to your doctor. Be aware that food allergies and food additives, preservatives and substances such as caffeine may lead significantly to elevated anxiety. Look at these scenarios at your yoga conference or visit. Your doctor may also recommend prescription drugs that will help you in overcoming anxiety. Such medications may be taken on a temporary basis, until you can get at the root of the problems causing the anxiety.Yoga, meditation techniques and prayer can even bevery helpful in in overcoming anxiety. to take control a your anxiety, you must also have time to unwind, no matter how tight on time. It's the health we're talking about here. Try all of these techniques. They all work. Put emphasis on the ones that work best for you. One of my personal favorites, not even mentioned, requires a nice spa and a good read!Yogafit has loads of very insightful tips in all features of yoga exercise poses, instruction, and everything else. 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