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8 Responses to Are those colorful clothed bicycle riders you see bunched up on the roads gay clubs?

  1. makesnow.net says:

    is this a serious question?

  2. djaca70 says:

    You obviously do not ride. Therefore, if you do not ride, stay out of the cycling section.

  3. yEaItIsMeXo says:

    um tht is a really rude and stupid question so if ur serious why dont u ask one of them urself! pull over but im warning u biker guys are pretty strong even thought they may not look it so go get a life loser

  4. sfr1224 says:

    Sounds as if you are looking for a new love interest. While most of my cyclist friends tend to be old married folks with kids, you just never know.

    Therefore, I suggest you saddle up and join a group ride. I am sure if you ask around enough you'll find someone interested.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Susan K says:

    We wear bright colors so we are seen easier and thus hopefully not hit by cars. Do you otherwise have a point?

  6. sk20007623 says:

    hahaha... funny guy! well, im out there and those dudes and gals, and they are pretty rough people. imagine yourself strenuously going at a top rate riding at long periods of time. Remember, your car is the engine while your a55 aint moving a bit. but those people have no engine but themselves.

    Have you ever seen a bike move down the road moving without a person willing it to move, no. But i am willing to bet that you had the time and convenience to think up your question since your car is on cruise control. I bet moving your ankles and toes get real tired after a while huh? Sorry, life's a b*tch in the fast food drive through lane.

    I had the same mentality like you had once. But i think cycling is one of the sports were you can wear those jerseys and just go out and be yourself into a healthier and positive way of life. You will find yourself not asking these type of negative questions. By the way, cycling girls have great asses and abs of steel. Dont ask me why, just go and RIDE. peace

  7. M R says:

    Sorry they aren't. You will need to look elsewhere for a date.

  8. cycle guy says:

    If you are looking to meet men, try posting in the singles area.

    And lose the hat and glasses Ricky.

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