For people who are always on the go and want to take their bikes with them, as well as the athletes that needs to compete from out of town, problems about carrying their bike with them is not new in this business. Some people put their bikes in large suitcases. Well, it is really practical and you can save a lot of money.

But, as a trade off, putting your bike in a suitcase takes a lot of effort and it is very time-consuming. You have to completely dismantle each and every part of the bike just to fit it right inside the large suitcase. Placing dismantled parts needs to be properly done to avoid scratches and disfiguration of the metal works. Preparing cardboards to wrap around the body, tapes, rubber protectors and bubble wrap is a lot of work.

Now, you don't have to worry about all those things, but, you just have to spend money for it. There are available bicycle cases that are out in the market that are perfectly designed for carriage. There are two types of cases, the hard case and the deeply padded soft case.

Some other things that must also be considered for bicycle cases are the gear bags that are included so that you can store your dirty clothes, tools and clean stuff. It is secured with straps or wheels so the handling is easy, and it has lock systems for safety. Plus, it can accommodate both racing bikes and BMX bikes.

The hard case is built from hard material and serves as the shell. It has straps to keep the bike's body in place. There is a built-in fork spreader so the fork maintains its shape. There are divisions where you can place the dismantled bike, and there is a bag for the wheels. This hard case is really heavy so that's why it has wheels for you to carry them around and easy to handle. Some hard cases can accommodate 2-3 bikes.

The soft case is built using nylon and polyester as it is light and, at the same time, it is tough. There are thick pads covering the edges to protect the bike from the hard surface. There are also divisions for the dismantled parts. There are separated bags for your tires and they also have crush absorbers. The whole package would only weigh less than 50 lbs so it is very convenient and you can just hand-carry it.

These cases come in different prices. The hard case reaches the price of $300-$500, while the soft case is $300-$500, but, they are worth the buy as these two cases are very durable and heavy duty.

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