Mountain biking is a dangerous job and so in order to protect yourself you need to be well dressed. What’s more you need to be well equipped with all sorts of first aid required as well. Mountain biking is also a great adventure and it is very exciting at times. While riding a bicycle the riders most often do not use the proper dresses which results in severe accidents. The shirts and the shorts that are chosen by the mountain riders for their comfort are very helpful for the riders as it resist them from the various cuts and bruises.Materials used for safetyThe materials by which the garments of the mountain bikers are made are also helpful for them and the manufacturers while preparing for their garments keep in mind the safety of the riders. The riders who adept in this act often choose the short pants and the half sleeved shirts. But, the beginners often go for the full sleeved shirts and the track suits. It is also important that the mountain bikers should use the helmets. This is so because in case they meet with an accident the helmet can protect them from being hurt. The use of gloves can also turn into handy as the use of the flexible gloves helps to maintain a solid grip. While buying riding clothes certain things are to be kept in mind. For example, the clothes that you wear while riding should be comfortable. It should also protect you from being hurt by accidents and the fabrics should be chosen in such a way that it respires.    There are many types of clothing for mountain bikers that can be worn while riding so that it can protect you from getting hurt. Cycling Jerseys and ShortsCycling jerseys and shorts are of great importance to the mountain riders as it not only comforts them but also provides them with safety. The mountain bikers sweat a lot due to the hard labor they do. So, while riding, special care should be taken so that the garments are made up of such materials that it dries very soon and it becomes comfortable for the riders. The material used for the manufacture of the garments is often fleece. Cycling glovesThe gloves provide a helpful grip while riding the bicycle and moreover it also helps in protecting the hands in case the biker falls. The gloves are also helpful in the bad weather conditions as it helps to protect the hands from getting wet which might lead to any accident. So, the gloves should not be ignored by the riders.HelmetsHelmets are always helpful for the bikers as it shields them from getting hurt in case they fall down. There are many types of helmets found in the market which can be used by the riders but choosing the right type will always prove helpful for them. If helmet is not worn by the riders then there might be the risk where the rider might have to lose his life. So, choosing the right clothing is very important for mountain bikers to go for a successful riding.

This article was written by Lee Lazarus. He writes on behalf of Mountain Bike Clothing company. Wombat Clothing are a leading ethical clothing designer.