I am doing this because, frankly, I am tired of sitting on my butt all day long. So, I'd like to get some exercise before getting to my office and sitting on my butt for 8 hours.
The question is that what is proper clothing and gear that I need to purchase?

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10 Responses to So, I’ve decided to ride my bicycle to work on some days…?

  1. burnttoast97 says:

    invest in some good quality bike shorts, those will literally save your a.ss. the rest, just be comfy. you can get crazy with the jerseys and stuff, but a nice fitting t-shirt will do the job. when you're ready to upgrade your gear, the first thing I recommend investing in is a good set of pedals and shoes. once you ride clipped in to the bike, it's a whole new experience.

  2. sfr1224 says:

    Burnttoast is right. Shorts with a good quality chamois, first. As you get into the sport, you'll find shoes and pedals make a huge difference in your efficiency.

    With winter coming you'll find you want tights, gloves and a cycling jacket. Depending on when you ride, you may need a flashing tail light so cars will see you. If the roads you cycle are really dark, you may also want a headlight.

    Hope this helps you.

  3. Roger J says:

    Great idea! I bike to work all the time. Check the weather in your location so you know how to dress correctly. If cold dress with bicycle gloves, and wind protectors over your biking shoes or sneakers. If warm, a good breathable shorts and shirt. Besides good biking clothing (which is a bore) I normally ride with athletic clothing. If riding at night be sure to have lots of lights and reflectors. Map out your course in advance, be sure to have: Cell phone, ID, extra tube (learn to change a tire), basic tools. Plan in advance, for example I leave a change of shoes at work, this is usually your heavy item, you get the idea. Have fun!

  4. intrepidfae says:

    Padded bike shorts, and also a set of unpadded tights for when it gets a bit colder. Just wear the tights over the padded shorts. If you sweat on the way in to work, lay the shorts in a place where they can dry as much as possible before you ride home. Of course, having 2 pair makes that much easier!

    Keep a light waterproof jacket in your office. Some day you will ride into work in good weather and it will start to rain while you're there. You still gotta get home!

  5. Ryaski says:

    If you cycle far from your home then you will need a proper clothing as answered by the others above.

    If you just cycle near around 3km, like me. Then I just cycle with my office dress on. 😀 Looks ridiculous but with the savings i get, I have paid for the bike a long time ago and more input to my savings account.

    Invest on a trustly lock, good pedals, comfortable saddle and front/back blinkers.

  6. M R says:

    I agree with Ryaski on the commuting. If you're riding 5 miles or less to work (I had a short opportunity to do this) you may want to wear your work clothes. Of course it depends on how you dress for work. If you must change at work after your ride in, you can wear anything from bike shorts/tights and cleated bike shoes to athletic wear and sneakers. Windbreakers, different weight bike gloves etc. may be needed as well.

    Always check the weather to dress in the correct gear. I found it damp and cool riding to work in the morning on many summer days and hot in the afternoon were I live. So I usually had a super light windbreaker for morning and could ball it up and stash it in a small bike pack for the ride home. Unless you can wash up at work take it easy riding in as you can easily break a sweat, matting your hair and getting generally smelly. There are many, many little things you will learn or prefer as you actually commute. If you dress too warm you will sweat, too light and you are cold. Wear layers to put on or take off mid ride if you need to. After all you will need to be presentable at work.

  7. Duct Tape Doc says:

    I agree that it depends how far you are riding. If it's ten, fifteen, or more miles, full cycling grear may be required. I have all that, for use on weekends, but only ride 6 miles each way and don't use it to commute. Here's what I find helpful.

    -regular pedals so I can wear regular shoes.
    -a route chosen to have minimal traffic (in New Jersey, ha!)
    -regular clothes, *but* I usually carry a clean shirt since I get sweaty.
    -a full set of more "formal" clothes in my office so that I can dress up if need be.
    -use deodorant in the morning.
    -keep a big box of oversized baby wipes in my office, and wipe down with these.
    -a knapsack helps, as do the usual tube, tire levers and pump.

    I guess it also depends on if you have an office and some privacy.

    Good luck.

  8. J7 says:

    1. showers at work - do they have any?
    2. pack your cloths or bring them to work the day before.
    3. Safe route to work - freeway over passes - find the best and safest rout to work.

    if your riding now and it work, keep doing what your doing. If not, start out with shorts/sweats and get a feel for things. You can always spend more $ on cycling cloths.

    Two musts: helmet & gloves.

  9. 55 and trying says:

    Only one answer said anything about a helmet. I commute 12.6 miles each way to work and last week my helmet may have saved my life. I slipped on the wet leaves and hit my head so hard it was hard to remember anything for a while. Without the helmet who knows what would have happened. I just ride in my work clothes and wind breaker and bike shoes, but I have an office where I can change my clothes when I need to. I'm new to this but am enjoying every Minuit of it. Have fun.

  10. spay&neuter-all-republicans says:

    Depends on the length of your commute. If it's under 5 miles, it can be done in street cloths. Actually, even if it's longer it can be done in street cloths. The main thing is make sure your pants don't get tangled in the chain so roll them up or use a Velcro strap that is sold at bike shops.

    On the way in to work don't go hard. Ride easy and use your gears. That way you won't get overheated. On the way home you can go harder if you want and clean up when you get home.

    Make sure your bike has a head and tail lamp. A mirror is also helpful. That's all you need.

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