There is near perfect pastoral scenery in Netherlands where are many large tracts of tulips, endless green field and peaceful life in small towns, which makes you feel as if you were into the fairy-tale world. But without a bicycle, even if it was near, you still can not really be close to it. So ride on the bike and let us experience the natural and beautiful Netherlands! Keukenhof tulip garden could be the top of the gardens in the world. It should be a real color and vision feast just by gathering 700 million colorful tulips together.Really?! Megastar Wear free blogs in Festival!

Let the girl like flowers, unsmiling man of facing so many beautiful flowers will also smile. Don't miss the picture framed by various flowers while you appreciate a single flower; they are all designed by world's top gardening experts. The unique color matching is surprised by many people, to give people a feeling shines.

Away from the garden, there are more vast flower paradises for you to ride about. You will be interested in the mini garderns of the locals and stop to watch and take a photo. Every garden is designed with great dedication and zests. The Dutch live up to the great title of excellent garden designers. Sooner, massive colors in the distance enter your sight, and you will become more and more excited and ride more and more quickly as well.

Park your bicycle beside the flower field randomly. Facing the magnificent sea of flowers, a feeling beyond words occupies your mind. Put yourself into the flower sea, watching the beautiful flowers, breathing, touching and feeling the intimacy with them. Under the setting sun, the windmills challenge us to a fight with their huge arms swinging. We fight back with our own weapons – camera – from different angles. The windmill battle of the Middle Age occurs again.

It can't be more fitable to experience "windmill battle" in "windmill kingdom". If you want to know more about windmill, you can lay your bicycle under a windmill and visit its interior. You may feel more friendly to look at windmill after visit. You ride slowly along the riverside and windmill glide at your sides. You greet with these oncoming "riders" every now and then. Everything becomes peacefull and natural. The forest park will put your bike trip to acme, don't worry about 40 kilometers of safe, simple and clear road bike you get around the signpost.

Ride a bit faster, the fresh and cool wind will flow on your face, and blow your clothes and trousers slowly. Every cell of your body would seem to enjoy a Spa. Different kinds of nameless trees and flowers are grow in a group or high into the cloud. Look up to the sky, the blue sky just like a long and narrow canal.

Stop your bike and go through the path, tease the lake water with your bare feet, walk on the massive grass with wild flowers. Hold the thin sand flowing down through fingers, and feel the tough by swaying purple lavenders. Without noticing, more zest will be added to the cycling by the sudden appearance of sculptures big and small, deer, and wild boars. Together with the nature around, they will create an approximately perfect and harmonious imagery.