The growing concern for the environment has made people look into the possibility of using bicycle as their means of transportation. The use of bicycles will allow people to save on petrol while keeping the environment free from harmful smokes that are released through the air as by-products of fuel.

However, the benefits of bicycle riding are somehow counterbalanced by the dangers of bicycle riding. Bicycle riders most often have problems with visibility and these can sometimes lead them to accidents especially if they encounter aggressive and irresponsible vehicle drivers.

If you happen to be caught in this situation, meaning you had an accident while riding or driving a bicycle and you are not at fault then you can claim compensation for the bicycle accident. Bicycle claim compensation may not be so well known but bicycle drivers and passengers who get knocked off their bicycles can claim compensation from the accident, just like victims of other vehicles accidents.

If you are a victim of a bicycle accident then you can file a bicycle compensation claim against the owner of the vehicle who was at fault. The said owner will have a course of action against his insurance company.

Bicycle claim compensation can include the personal injuries suffered by the bicycle rider from the accident. He can also claim compensation for any expenses he may have spent for the repair or replacement of his bicycle and even for his clothes and bike accessories which were damaged as a result of the accident. Aside from that, a bicycle rider who has been hurt in a bicycle accident and who can not work for a period of time due to the accident can also claim the income lost as a result of that accident.

Bicycle drivers can also claim compensation for road injuries as a result of the negligence of other people. People who are responsible for keeping public roads safe for drivers and passengers as well as passers by can also be liable for damages and the bicycle driver can also file a compensation claim against them.

However, victims of bicycle accidents will only be able to claim proper compensation for such accidents if they are represented by a well-experienced solicitor who will help them get proper compensation claim from those who have been negligent and who caused the accident.

Most drivers are covered by liability insurance and this will answer for the compensation claim being sought for by the bicycle driver who figured in the accident. The bicycle driver who was injured in the accident also need not pay his chosen solicitor since the insurance company of the person at fault will pay for the legal fees as well as any settlement that will be agreed by the parties.

Whatever injury you may have suffered while driving a bicycle and whether it was caused by another vehicle which was at fault or a poorly-maintained road, it is always advisable to see a solicitor who can give you the best advice and plan of action in such bicycle compensation claim.

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