I was pulled over on my bicycle the other day by a police van in London, Ontario, and he wanted to check the inside of my coat, for weapons. He checked and didn't find any. He told me he was checking because the coat i was wearing was an active coat. What does this mean? It is a nice army coat, I bought from an military surplus store. I love military outdoor wear 😀

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One Response to What is an active coat? refering to army clothing, not paint.?

  1. Rebecca says:

    I'm not sure. Maybe he was just seeing if you were carrying weapons.

    However, seeing that it was an Army coat, perhaps he wanted to see if it was an Army coat that should be in circulation (only really belonging to the Army), that civilians shouldn't have. After all, we are not allowed to wear must of our Army gear with our civilian clothes. It violates protocol.

    I'm more leaning towards the weapon thing, though I'm not sure why he would target someone randomnly in a military coat for a weapons check.

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