With some practice, you can become a wonderful mountain biker. Practice the techniques described in this article and you will be on your way to becoming a better biker.
Anyone who enjoys riding a bike will also enjoy the sport of mountain biking. It is a little more dangerous and adrenaline inducing, but it is quite a bit of fun and a challenge to ride the dirt trails.
If you want to practice mountain biking, then you can hone your skills around your home, school, bike paths, or even park. You may want to find a place with a steep hill so that you can practice on an incline.
Feeling Your Pedals
You want to get a feel for your pedals before you take off down a mountain. You first want to be able to move your foot away from the pedal and then replace it back on the pedal. This will take some practice to get good at, but once you master this, then you will be on your way to feeling your pedals and having more control.
Position Yourself By Learning To Sit and Spin
Sit on your bike and simply pedal around. Keep your arms a little bent and adjust the height of your seat to make sure that your legs are at least 70% extended when you pedal at the bottom stroke. Relax your body, so that your knees and elbows are never locked. This will enable to you feel the right position so that you will know if you are not riding correctly.
Gear Shifting
You need to learn how to shift the gears on your bike. By learning what each gear feels like, then you will learn how you should shift them to make your riding more competitive and fun. A higher gear will make it more difficult to pedal, but will allow you to go quicker, while a lower gear makes it easy to pedal and is helpful when you are climbing hills. Practicing shifting your gears will help you to learn when to shift to get maximum efficiency.
Coasting is great fun. You need to practice coasting while standing up on your pedals. Keep your knees unlocked and your arms bent. Learn how to move your weight toward to back of your bike and get a feel for it.
Standing and Pedaling
It is important that you get comfortable with standing and pedaling on your bicycle. If you can lift yourself from the seat, then you should try cranking the pedals around a few times. Do this in both high and low gear until you become comfortable.
Dropping Down
Locate a curb that you can easily get to the top of. At a moderate speed, stand and coast from the top to the bottom of the curb. Do this using several different curb levels until you are comfortable doing this.
After you get these things where they are second nature, then you will be able to ride the mountain trails with almost no problem. With dedicated practice, you will get to where you love mountain biking and it is comfortable to you.

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