I'm looking into building a fixed gear bike but I don't know how to go about doing it. Is it better to convert a non-fixed gear into a fix gear or start from scratch and what should i do if i were to start form scratch.

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3 Responses to How do I start building a fixed gear bike?

  1. cavsargetank says:

    Carefully. Eventually you'll get the correct gear ratio.

  2. e.b. says:

    Can you afford to buy a new fixed/track bike? Some are really reasonably priced. That would be the obvious best option to me. But then I guess you don't get points/cred for doing your own build.

    Failing that, you could go the conversion route. Just be careful what you pay for the project bike. You'll need to buy a new rear wheel with appropriate hub...plus new cranks, bottom bracket, chain and cages (pedals). And you probably won't like the stock bars, either. If you pay more than $100 for the project bike, you could end up spending more on the conversion than you would have spent on a new bike to begin with.

  3. travis g says:

    its better to get a fixed gear bike because if you convert the bike is weird because its not going to have track geometry and youll probably end up buying a track bike anyway ahhah.

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