I'm sorta experienced with track bikes, but i don't know a huge deal about Gear Ratio's. I currently running a 46/18, which is really hard when going on flats because i don't gain speed.

Here are some gear ratio's that I'm thinking. And please help me choose for which is good for me skid stopping, I don't want a gear ratio where I can't stop. Thanks



or any ideas that you guys have ?

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8 Responses to I need some help with my track bike gear ratio ?

  1. John Milnic says:

    Go to a 46/16 that is the standard gearing why change both sprockets.

  2. Justin-Michael says:

    The bigger gear you have in the front the harder to pedal the bike but you will have greater top end. The same will happen if you put a smaller gear on the back. If you would like the most available points on your tires for skidding, consider some combination like 40-17, 42-17, 44-17, 46-17, or even 48-17. The 17 tooth gear in the back is the trick to getting more spots on the tires for skidding to even out the tire wear. If you are having trouble getting up to speed, go with the 42-17 or the 44-17 combination. If you would really like higher top end speed go with the 46-17, 48-17, or even 50-17 for a lot of top end speed. Good luck!

  3. Erick B says:

    I would say you go with a 48/16, this is perfect for speed and perfect for stoping quick. Works perfect on my track bike.

  4. I says:

    If you're skidding, you're riding a fixie, not a track bike. No track cyclist skids his bike.

    If you're riding a fixie, what the hell do you care about top speed? I didn't even know hipsters rode their bikes.

  5. Mtrlpqbiker says:

    If you go to a higher gear ratio, it will be harder to skid stop. There is no getting around this. On a fixie, gear ratios are a compromise, when you gain something in one area, you lose something in another. There is no magic gear that will make you faster on flat ground, allow you to climb hills, and make skid stops. You have to decide what is most important to you and set your bike up for that

  6. wle ņ│ã∩╬α ░░▒▓▓▒░░ says:

    here is an idea

    front brake
    4 oz
    amazing invention


  7. theguywiththebigstick- What now! says:

    depends on who your racing. if your opponent has lower cogs he will most likely beat you off the start unless you are a stronger rider.

  8. melee757 says:

    Try this link to help you figure it out:

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