A bicycle is a human-powered that consists of two wheels and is driven by the pedals attached to its frame. A mountain bike (also known as MTB) is a bicycle designed and created for off-road terrains and other uneven trails. Armed with the proper mountain bike helmet, these bikes were built to withstand the unpredictable structure and layout of nature. There are also different types of mountain bikes that perform best under various riding paths. With the right mountain bike clothing and the right bike, the riding experience is sure to be a good one. Here are some of the types of mountain bikes:

Cross country – This is probably the most famous and widely-used mountain bike there is. They were produced for all types of terrain. This is made possible by a full range of mtb gears and the fact that it’s the lightest bike available.

Downhill – These bikes are created with huge drops and hits on a downhill slope. They offer a full suspension but a limited number of gears. They perform best going down and are not the best choice for uphill slopes for any length of time. This type of bike is the heaviest bike available but is durable and sturdy nonetheless. This type of bike is also the most expensive amongst all.

Free-ride – This bike is a combination of the two bikes mentioned above. It has the advantages of a cross-country bike but has a somewhat sturdier and heavier frame. It has a full suspension and full mountain bike gears as well.

Dirt-jumping – This bike is exactly what its name says. These bikes are designed exclusively for jumps. They only have a number of gears but have front suspensions that help with the jumps. Because of this, these bikes will not do well with any other mountain biking styles.

Trial – These bikes are a revision of the cross country mountain bike but have softer suspensions for more difficult obstacles. Because of the suspension feature, pedaling requires a little more effort.

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