Bikes are easy to store compare to cars or trucks for such reason that bikes are petite in size. A person who has a bike can store it indoor or outdoor. It is very convenient to store and place a bike anywhere.

Garage is the common place in a house where the bike is being stored and kept safe. A bike owner may use some storage bike gears for the benefit of the bike to be safeguarded from getting it damaged.

Some storage bike gears include bike racks, bike stands, and bicycle ceiling hoist which has its certain and distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

A ceiling hoist is operated by the use of pulleys which means the bike is kept in place while hanging from the ceiling. This gear is intended for those bike owners who has many bikes or has a car parked in the garage leaving the bike no place to be parked on the floor of the garage.

Ideally, the bike ceiling hoist is for those who have limited and small garage or storage room which they left no choice but to hang the bikes from the ceiling for storage purposes.

The presents of the rope, levers and pulleys make the ceiling hoist worth to use. This contributes a lot to the bike owner because it saves floor space, it does not easily allow children to access on it, and does not require a ladder to get the bike.

Installing a bike ceiling hoist can be done by either the biker owner him or herself, or an expert of installing one. Before installation, one should consider the quality and characteristic of the ceiling to ensure safety. If the ceiling has a poor quality or frail, installation should be aborted. The quality of the bike ceiling hoist must as well be considered and checked.

Once one of the parts of it (the rope, lever, or the pulley) has a problem, the safety of the bike owner or the user will be in jeopardy. In short, ensure safety first before installing a bicycle ceiling hoist.

In summary, bike ceiling hoist are for storage place with limited space. The bike owner choice of storage depends on his or her preference. Though the garage or storage room's space also must take into consider. Moreover, the bike storage gear aims for a more convenient storage technique, safe storage, and save space.

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