I locked my bike up and when I came back a day later the wheels / tires were stolen. I did my own detective work and found the person that stole them. I called the sheriff and he came and the guy actually admitted stealing them in front of me and the sheriff.. Then the sheriff says because the items are of so little value, he may not arrest.. Whats up with that?

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5 Responses to A person steals my bike tires and admits it to me and the cops and the cops dont arrest him?

  1. Bill says:

    The police don't take children serious.

  2. travelmaster says:

    its because the the DA wouldnt take a petty case
    also there are no witness
    the guy could be making it all up (it has happen)
    there no proof he stole your tires
    plus he wasnt not under arrest at the time
    since he wasnt read the miranda warnings before tell you yes he took the tires
    since he wanst read his rights
    the da would had to let him walk because of that

  3. Chill Beast says:

    cause its a joke to them bro, they have other important stuff to worry about, not ur dumb bike,lol,

  4. Prussian Blue says:

    Cops will not help you unless there is something in it for them; in your case there wasn't, so your on your own.

  5. chrissyd says:

    file a complaint but there might be a law about how much a stolen item has to be worth to be able to press charges. look up your city's laws online

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