You might have landed on this website and are wondering: "what is a beach cruiser bicycle?"...or maybe you think you know what a beach cruiser is, but you're not really sure? Take it from us, we know our stuff! After all, we're in the business of selling beach cruiser bikes, so let's explain this for you!Beach cruiser bicycles can be considered an "old school" or a "vintage" style of bicycle, since their history dates back all the way to the 1930's. In fact, beach cruiser bikes were extremely popular back in the 1930's-1950's. Like many popular beach cruisers today, in the old days beach cruiser bikes were characterized by the following features: wide balloon style tires, upright seating position, simple construction, simple single-speed operation, comfortable seat, and some other characteristics shared with beach cruiser bicycles today.Beginning in the 1960's, the beach cruiser began to sag in popularity. The bicycle market began to get crowded with a variety of other bicycle options including: sport style road bikes, mountain bikes, and others. Many consumers preferred the multi-speed capability of road bikes, off-road capability of mountain bikes, and in some cases the lighter weight and easier portability offered by competing styles of bikes.Beginning sometime in the 1990's, the beach cruiser bicycle began to experience a new big surge in popularity. Bicycle buyers began to again appreciate the classic vintage style, simple construction and simple operation of beach cruisers. From the 1990's until today, bike buyers continue to be drawn to beach cruiser bikes for their style, affordability, and simplicity. Beach cruisers are particularly popular on college campuses, oceanfront beach communities, flat rural areas, and even in many large urban cities. While beach cruiser bicycles are often associated with beach towns in Southern California, they are frequently used in areas all over the USA and the world.In a world of hi-tech gadgets and overly complicated bicycle technology, there are a lot of folks out there who appreciate riding a good old fashioned beach cruiser bicycle (and you don't need to live at the beach to ride one!). Check out the selection of quality beach cruisers offered by Makai Bikes, and perhaps you too will begin to see the virtues of beach cruising!

Makai Bikes is an internet-based online bike store based in sunny Hermosa Beach, California. In Hawaiian, the word Makai literally means "toward the ocean", and this word is the primary inspiration for our selection of beach cruiser bikes we sell.

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