so i just found a lovely road bike in the attic...i hope to use it on campus when i get back to school...the thing is that one of the tires has slight cracks in it...wondering whether i should replace the tires or is it nothing too serious?

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  1. Henry Ate My Eggo says:

    Replace the tires and tubes. Road bike tires run at higher pressure, and the last thing you want is to blow one on your commute, unless you like fixing flats.

  2. dvplanetwaves says:

    replace the tire your as good as your tires.

  3. extitude says:

    Old cracked tires are bad on any vehicle,be it a car,truck,or motorcycle.
    On a bicycle it is very bad.The worst of all is on a road bike.
    A road bike actually has more air pressure in it than a cement truck does.Tires on a road bike are very thin.
    Please get new tires.
    If you cannot afford new tires you can have mine.
    [I'm not joking]

    I hope this can be of help to you

  4. Jen V *Lulu* says:

    If it's been in the attic and the tires are cracked, it probably needs a decent cleaning and tune up. It definitely needs new tubes and tires for starts. Old cables need to be replaced - if they're old and they fail on you, you might have no brakes at a very bad time. Old brake pads crumble with heat and pressure. Your chain would need to be cleaned and greased (not w/ wd-40, either - real grease) and you should make sure the bottom bracket (where the pedal cranks attach to the frame) is thoroughly greased and moves with ease.

    Old bikes are great but the older they get, the more maintenance they need. The cost of making one safe to commute with may be better used buying something basic and well built.

    Good luck and be safe 🙂

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