The Continental Grand Prix 4000 is a vast improvement over it's predecessor in many regards. The Grand Prix 3000 was a wonderful tire to use. It was comfortable, light and grippy enough to inspire the most cautious riders to go hard into the turns. The Continental Grand Prix 4000 has taken that successful design and redefined how a racing tire should ride. The most notable change is the addition of Vectran which is an industry first. This allows for a lower weight, reduced rolling resistance, and increased tread strength– reducing cuts and punctures. We must ask: What took so long? Apparently it took a landing on mars in 1997 & 2004. The airbags used for this were constructed out of Vectran which is naturally lightweight and strong. You can also find Vectran fibers used in sails for yachts and paragliders. Combine the Vectran with Continentals Activated Silica Compound (ASC) and the Grand Prix 4000 receives increased traction with the road. Allowing riders to corner faster and further reduce rolling resistance. Continental heard our collective cries for a tire that would resist cracking - an age old problem for riders. It turns out that most of that cracking is the result of the sun and the moister lost. A new anti-cracking formula aids in the production against UV rays, and prolongs the tires life by reducing tire cracking from UV exposure. Think of it as built in sunscreen. The result of these improvements is a tire more aggressive then the GP3000, the GP 4000 lasts longer, corners better and tells you when it needs replacing. Leave it up to the Germans to build in a wear indicator. The GP 4000 is our most purchased tire, out selling the competition. Key Features* The successor to the highly popular Grand Prix 3000 * 20 percent less rolling resistance* Lightweight * Stronger puncture protection* Higher mileage * Anti ageing compound and tread wear indicators After Your RideAn ounce of prevention goes a long way - inspect your tires every time you put your bike away after a ride. Look for pieces of debris that might be stuck to your tire but have yet to make it into your tube. Ensuring there is enough rubber on your tire and no debris stuck in it will decrease the chances of a flat on your next adventure.

The Author is owner of We Keep You Cycling, they have the products that keep you riding, from the Continental GP4000 to Michelin pro 3 race tires.

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