I have a Huffy "Ironman Triathlon Pro" 21 speed mountain bike that I got a few years ago. My back tire is pretty worn and I need to replace it.

I went online to browse bike tires and there are so many sizes and variations, can someone please tell me how to figure out what size tire I need? Is it as simple as measuring the wheel that it's on?

Thank you!

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3 Responses to How do I determine the tire size of my mountain bike tires?

  1. HILLS AHEAD says:

    you will have the current size of your tyres on the sidewall of the tyre you can go same size or narrower but wider depending on the clearance.on your bike

    key in sheldon brown tyre sizes in web search and will explain it in full for you rim widths etc

  2. SoccerRefToo says:


    On the side of your tires the size is listed... it will say 26x1.50, or 650x75.... something like that. You can make it simple for yourself... get the same size! When you get a tube, you will simply ask for a tube to fit a XX x XXX tire.... you just need to match valves either schrader or presta.


  3. cdaler says:

    First number is wheel diameter ie 26"; 2nd number is width is 1.9 =1.9" wide...
    Get a 26 x 1.9 you will like it. I would guess you can go as wide as 2.1 with that Huffy.
    Heres one on sale for $5

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