Ok, so I got my bike a few years ago. It's one of these hybrid types.. like an atb. Front and back suspension (springs). Mid-range quality bike, not the crud, not the best either read this post here.

Anyways, I'm wondering how long bike tires last? I've been riding on the original tires (Camel) for the past three years, over 1800KM (yes that's accurate). They are 1.95" X 26".

I've noticed these lobes/bulges on my rear tire, not on the tread, but on the sides of the tire. I figure they are gonna burst soon.

I ride 10% on trails off road, 20% not on road, but not on trails (rough city terrain), 70% on road. I ride in the rain, and when it's hot/cold out.

I'm planning on getting a set of "Specialized" brand tires. How long do you figure these will last? Anyone know?

Is it reasonable that these tires will last 2000 KM?

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