Overnight in a sort-of bad area of Chicago, both of my bike tires and my seat were stolen off of my 7-moth-old Schwinn (at least the thieves were nice enough to leave the frame -- thanks u-lock!). So now I have to contemplate whether or not to get a new bike. What would be the ballpark cost to get this one up and running again? Like I mentioned before, it needs two new tires and a seat. Or should I just get a new one? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, for other Chicagoans: Any bike shop recommendations?

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7 Responses to How much will two new bike tires and a seat cost?

  1. Mouserue says:

    The seat on my current bike cost me $120. The tires cost $40 apiece. So... $200?

  2. blazingpedals says:

    Saddle: many bike shops have bins of cast-off saddles for $5-10 each. Or you can get a nicer one for $30-120. The cast-off will probably be more like OEM quality.

    Tires: again, a wide range. At the low end, you can get cheap knobby tires at Wal-Mart for less than $10, cheap road tires at a shop might start at $20-25, and nice road tires could run $65+.

    They took your tires but not your wheels? If they took your wheels too, you might as well get a new bike.And learn to lock your bike better!

  3. wle ņ│ã∩╬α ░░▒▓▓▒░░ says:

    prob the wheels
    will cost a lot
    may as well pick a new bike out
    rear wheel is most expensive theftable single part


  4. Richard says:

    Sorry to hear it. Maybe it might be easier to get another bike. You also want to invest in a couple of high quality locks and make sure your wheels are all chained together, as mentioned above the back wheel on a bike is a target for thieves and with the quick release levers on them they're so easy to get off.

  5. SoccerRefToo says:


    Always keep your bike inside, stand it up vertically in the corner of a room on its back wheel. Use a Ulock and a Schlage 6 ft x 5/8 inch cable lock (available at Lowe's).

    If you mean rim, tire and tube. Then $75 per wheel. Seat from 2nds or used at $10 and up.


  6. kfinto says:

    I assume they took the rims also. (It would take a lot of time to remove the tires from the rims). If this is an inexpensive bike from Wal-Mart you would be better off buying a new bike. A good set of tires, tubes and rims aren't cheap!

  7. Old Hippie says:

    I'll assume they got the wheels + the tires. Google 'bicycle shop' and your zip code. If the prices come up higher than a new bike - get a new bike.

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